ADVANCED - Room editor best practices

This section is currently under construction. If you have any questions that aren't answered here, please contact our support team.

For the best experience when laying out objects in your region we recommend using the desktop viewer. You can use the browser based version; the functionality is the same but the desktop viewer has more instant feedback and is slightly smoother to use.

Positioning your camera

When editing a room you will want to focus the camera on the object you want to move. By default when in Edit Room, the camera will be in object mode. This allows you to click an item in your object list then move the mouse to a scene area and press F. This will focus the cam on the object you selected.

Changing modes in Edit Room.

Click the stickman icon to switch to avatar mode to walk your avatar with the camera following you. The icon will turn pink. Click again to revert back.


Using gizmos

Gizmo's allow you to manipulate objects in your scene.

To move an object, hover over the red, blue or green axis arrows until it turns yellow then click and move to where you want to place it.

To rotate an object, hover your mouse over the red, blue or green roation circles until yellow then click and move to the desired rotation.

Hover your mouse over the red, blue or green handles until yellow then click and drag to a new scale. To preserve the ration of the object instead hover your mouse in the centre of the three coloured handles and hold shift and click. Then scale with the mouse.

Changing room templates

Clicking a region from your inventory to change the region template.

When switching templates, all furniture objects in the region will be erased.

Giving room edit permissions to other users

Click here where you see your region name to open the Region Details.
Click here to appoint somebody in the region as an admin.