ADVANCED - Uploading your own room items

A room item can be anything that is not a full region. It might be a chair or a furniture item but it might also be a signpost or an avatar animation or any 3d model.

This section is currently under construction. If you have any questions that aren't answered here, please contact our support team.

Import or create your item in Unity.

Here we have a simple structure of a sphere on top of a cube.

To convert these two items to be one single item and upload to your grid, first, right click on an empty area of the hierarchy and "Create Empty". Rename this to something meaningful, for example, "My First Object".

Now drag the cube and the sphere into "My First Object":

The virtual goods components

Click on "My First Object" then go to the Sinespace menu and select "Turn selection into furniture".

This converts your object into a virtual good that can be uploaded to your grid. We don't need to alter the Room Furniture component that was just added.

Scroll down to the Virtual Good component:

The Virtual Good component

Fill in the Basic Tab information.

You must specifiy the category, a name for the item, a description and finally, a brand name which would normally be your company name

Next, click on the "Detail" tab:

These settings are optional and usually left as default except for the indicated "Inworld Customisation" setting. Set this to "Full".

Now click the Pricing tab.

The Pricing tab

Set the price as "Not For Sale".

We can skip the icons tab as this is only used if the region were to be sold in the inworld shop.

Click the Author tab.

The Author tab

Fill in these details that best suit your upload. If in doubt, leave the status as "Available Elsewhere", set the developer to your name (as the grid owner) and set the copyright to your company name.

Lastly in the Virtual Good component, click the "Upload" tab.

In the Grid field add your grid number.

Converting to a Unity Prefab

Create a new folder in your project.

Call it "Uploads" and double click into this new folder.

Now drag the parent object from the hierarchy to the project window:

Now right click on this new prefab and select "Upload to Sinespace:

Next confirm the upload:

You will be asked to save the scene before the upload can proceed. We recommend saving as you may have other items in the scene and generally editing the item in the future will be easier.

More Information

For accessing your items inworld see here:

Making your item available on the live grid: