Breakroom whiteboard
Need to sketch out a quick idea, or document a brainstorming session? Breakroom's in-world whiteboard can be set up wherever works for you.


Breakroom's in-world whiteboard is the perfect collaboration tool for meetings. Much like your standard classroom whiteboard and marker set, this tool can be used to draw graphs, text, and images using your computer's mouse or trackpad. The control panel allows you to switch between different pen sizes, colors, and text input. The whiteboard can be used by anyone.
In your inventory, you'll see the Whiteboard represented by this icon:
To set up a whiteboard in your region, please see our Room Editor documentation.

Drawing Tool

To use the drawing tool, simply follow these instructions.
The pen size selection menu.
  1. 1.
    Select a pen size by left clicking one of the pen icons in the control panel.
The color selection menu.
2. Select a color from the palette by left clicking the icon in the control panel.
3. Move your mouse pointer into the board space above the control panel, and left click to start drawing.

Text Tool

In addition to drawing freehand, you can type text directly into the whiteboard space by following the instructions below.
The text size selection menu.
1. Select your text size from the drop-down menu.
The font selection menu.
2. Select your desired font from the drop-down menu.
The justification selection menu.
3. Choose either centered or left/right justified text.
4. Click the A icon in the control panel and select your text position by clicking inside the whiteboard space.
5. Enter your text and click the submit button.
Entering text into the field.

Other controls

The eraser button.
You can erase everything from the board by clicking the eraser button.
The home button.
Should the screen ever stop functioning, you can trigger a refresh by clicking the home button. Note: Any images or text currently on the screen will remain after the screen is refreshed.
The open button.
Clicking the open button will open the whiteboard in your web browser. Any changes made while using your web browser will be shown on the whiteboard in-world.
You can zoom your avatar's camera in and out of the whiteboard by clicking on the Zoom in/Zoom out button.
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