Introduction to regions

Breakroom helps you create virtual spaces where real work gets done. Learn how to select default and explorable regions, as well as how to upload your own custom regions.

Breakroom offers a wide selection of region templates that make it easy to start building your world. These include:

  • Conference halls

  • Exhibition halls

  • Seminar and breakout spaces

  • Boardrooms and meeting rooms

  • Open plan offices

  • Social spaces

Each region template comes pre-equipped with Breakroom's event systems, ensuring that you have immediate access to video and audio conferencing, screen sharing, and stage manager tools.

You can also add your own media to regions by placing video walls, browsers, logos, and interactive posters wherever you want them in the scene.

Useful links

Choosing your regions -- Learn how to change your regions and select a new default region at any time by using the World Dashboard.

The conference system -- Enable voice and text chat, screen sharing, webcams, and more with the click of a button.

The stage manager system -- Our tools make it easy to manage event logistics. Learn how to direct traffic around your regions, message users, and take audience questions.

Room furniture starter pack -- Customize your regions by adding website portals, video feeds, posters, and more.