The stage manager system
You work hard behind the scenes to make each and every event a success. Let Breakroom help with our collection of stage manager tools. Communicate with users, share radio streams, and more.


The stage manager tool gives Breakroom region Owners, Administrators, and Moderators a definite advantage when it comes to event logistics. With the stage manager system, you can message users as a whole or individually, teleport groups or individual users to a new location, and field questions from audience members. You can also set up a radio stream if you like, providing users with dynamic event updates or thematic background music.

Accessing the stage manager

Launch the stage manager system by clicking the key button located on the right side of the screen.
Region Owners, Administrators, and Moderators will be logged into Breakroom's stage manager system by default. To launch the stage manager system, simply click the Key button located on the right side of the screen.
The stage manager menu.
Once you've opened the stage manager system, the Key button will expand into a multi-button side menu. We'll explore each feature in the sections that follow. The top button, or "X," collapses the menu.
The Key button highlighted above is visible only to region Owners, Administrators, and Moderators. Other users will only see this button if you have enabled a password on the stage manager tools. If you would like to assign stage manager permissions to a user who is not an Administrator or a Moderator, please contact Breakroom support for more information.