Toggling disabled UI components
Moderators and region Administrators have access to UI components that may be otherwise disabled for general users. Learn how to access hidden functionality in order to assist with events.

UI toggle overview

The stage manager menu. Highlighted: the "UI Toggle" button.
Depending on the needs of a particular event, world owners may elect to disable certain portions of Breakroom's UI, such as advanced avatar customization or text chat. Region Administrators and Moderators still have access to these disabled UI components, however, and can toggle them on or off by clicking the UI Toggle button located in the stage manager menu.
This permission setting offers many benefits. For example, a Region Owner may decide to turn off the Shop button for general users, preventing them from purchasing avatar components and other inventory. However, a Region Administrator may restore their personal Shop functionality using the stage manager system in order to purchase decorative items or furniture for an event.
Last modified 1mo ago
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