Welcome to Breakroom
Breakroom makes it easy to customize your virtual world and invite others to explore it. Learn more about the Breakroom platform, choose your regions and avatars, and access our conferencing tools.
Breakroom is a 3D virtual world designed to make it easy for institutions to organize online events and create shared spaces for teams and communities. Whether you're looking to host a dynamic conference, bring your team together to tackle an important project, or create an engaging classroom environment, Breakroom has the tools you need. This documentation explains how to set up and manage your Breakroom world. You will also see pages marked as ADVANCED, where you can learn how to upload your own 3D content to Breakroom if you have access to Unity resources.
To streamline your initial Breakroom setup, we recommend that you focus on the following tasks:
Familiarize yourself with the platform -- The information in our Getting Started section is designed to help you and your users get comfortable using Breakroom. Learn about the different ways you can interact in virtual space, equip yourself with some helpful terms, and become better equipped to make key decisions about your world.
Set up your regions -- Your Breakroom world can consist of many different self-contained areas, known as regions. Here you'll learn more about our region templates, as well as how to design and upload your own custom regions.
Choose your avatars -- Here you'll find basic and advanced avatar editing information, as well as instructions for uploading your own clothing items and costume avatars.
Customize your world -- Make your regions truly unique by adding additional structures and items, and learn how to create and upload your own. You can also customize the UI that your users see, and access advanced branding options.
Open the doors -- Here you'll find additional information about seats and licenses, as well as helpful tips for accessing Breakroom via our World Stream service. We also offer a detailed guide for onboarding different kinds of users.
Run your world -- Learn more about our event features, including the conferencing system, the stage manager system, and the scheduling and meeting system.
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