User profiles

Profiles make it easy to forge real-world connections in virtual space. Learn how to access information about other users and update your own.

Within the world of Breakroom, user profiles function much like virtual business cards or employee badges. They contain helpful information that you may want other users to know, such as:

  • Your company and department

  • Your job title

  • Your location

  • Links to your social media pages

  • Your activities and interests

You can edit these fields at any time, or leave them blank. To access your profile, press the F12 key on your keyboard or click the circular user icon in your bottom toolbar.

When you access a user's profile, including your own, the first thing you'll see is the Details tab. If you want to change the information shared on this page, you can click the Edit buttons to do so.

In addition to the information listed on the Details tab, when other users view your profile they can navigate to:

  • The Photos tab, which contains any photos you've chosen to make public.

  • The Regions tab, which contains an overview of any regions you own.

  • The Wearing tab, which lists the avatar components that you're wearing.

  • The Badges tab, which showcases your achievement badges.

Other users will also see options to start a text chat with you, email you, manage their connection to you, or send a request to meet up.

To view another user's profile, click on their avatar and select View Profile in the action menu that appears. You can also search for a specific person using the search field, or click on a user's name in your People list.

To learn more about taking photos in Breakroom and uploading them to your profile's photo library, please see our Snapshot documentation.

Breakroom account Owners can use the Dashboard to enable or disable text chat and in-world email. If these features are disabled, users will only be able to communicate using voice chat.

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