Account management
Need to recover your password, or want to tie your Breakroom subscription to a pre-existing account name? Here you'll find tips for managing your Breakroom account.


Resetting your password

To reset your password, visit the Breakroom homepage and click the Sign In button located at the top. Then click the Forgot Password link. Enter your username and e-mail address, and we will send an e-mail to your verified address containing login instructions.

Password choice

We recommend that you create a highly secure, but memorable password for use in Breakroom. In addition to logging in to your Dashboard, you will need to use your password to log into World Stream or your custom desktop app. Please make note of your password when you create your account, and save it for future use.

Account creation

Tying your subscription to a pre-existing Breakroom account

If you already have an account on Breakroom or Sinespace, you do not need to create a new one in order to subscribe to Breakroom. Simply click the Login button when asked to register for a new account during the subscription signup process, and you will be prompted to enter your existing login credentials.
Last modified 7mo ago