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Release notes for Breakroom viewer v2024.2f18386.

Viewer version: v2024.2f18386


  1. World access options: World Owners and World Administrators now have the option to boot or retain connected users when taking a World offline.

  2. More diverse avatars: Added additional avatars to the Default Avatars > Lightweight category.


  1. Conference system moderator tools have several key improvements.

  2. Region List now prevents Region name from disappearing when narrowed down.

  3. Region Admins can now create events.

  4. Full group name now displayed in Region Info window if window is stretched enough.

  5. Viewer and SDK upgraded to Unity 2020.

  6. Long user display names now shown in Advanced-Area-Owner input with "..." at the end for improved UI readability.

  7. Users can now add/remove their cursor from the Chat window input field by pressing "Enter" in the Chat window.

  8. Improved handling for Regions at full capacity by displaying clear error messages and providing options to cancel or retry.

  9. Adjusted profile window avatar lighting for better visibility of hair color.

  10. Default music volume now set to 70% to provide a more user-friendly experience for new users.

  11. Enhanced multi-user functionality in Region Editor to prevent undoing changes made by different users on different floors.

  12. Implemented joystick feature for mobile UI to allow driving vehicles in Safari on iPad Pro.

  13. Decreased outfit loading time in "Select an avatar" screen of registration.

  14. Added scrollbar for easier navigation in country selection UI for credit card payments.

  15. Complete region names now displayed in Login screen dropdown list.

  16. Muting someone will no longer show their messages in public channels (such as global and Region channels).

  17. Enhanced the display format of multiple identical items in user Inventory.

  18. Automatic deletion of emails with attachments after users accept item in-world now prevented to allow users to review them, with updated button text and read status.

  19. Removed Ban and Request status users from displaying in the Group Invite window.

  20. Added cursor flickering in input boxes on login screen for better user input visibility.

  21. Optimized avatar loading process in Outfit Window to reduce response time after clicking Save button.

  22. Adjusted spacing between tabs in Settings window for better visibility.

  23. Panel border now hidden in Events/Meetings window.

  24. Report Abuse notification panel size increased to display all words.

  25. Added search and scroll functionality for country selection in Buy Gold window.

  26. Added scroll bar to input box on Report Abuse panel.

  27. Improved CPU usage rate while loading Shop items.

  28. World Stream now detects when a user is logging in using a mobile device to optimize the mobile viewing experience.

  29. Unintentional avatar movement when using two fingers to rotate camera on Safari using iPad Pro now prevented.

  30. Added a prompt when attempting to share screen/video while voice chat is disabled.

  31. Introduced an epilepsy warning for the Glitch Ball reactive to address sensitivity to visual effect.

  32. Added a notification message that clarifies there is a 2MB file size limit for video uploads on the preview server.

  33. Made several improvements to UI element visibility on the registration screen while using World Stream on mobile.

  34. World Moderators or higher can now log in to offline Worlds, rather than just World Admins.

  35. Meeting windows now have "Cancel" button with confirmation window.

  36. Users are now able to change audio output and input devices in the desktop viewer as well as World Stream.

  37. Improved mouse movement while using Camera View inside breakout areas.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed issue where toggling the "Login to Preview Server" option could cause last visited Region name to sometimes display the name of the live server Region.

  2. Fixed issue where the chat box was not scrolling appropriately as new messages where coming in.

  3. Removed input box that was showing up in System Chat window.

  4. Reduced high CPU usage when dragging the Settings window.

  5. Fixed issue where avatar would walk left/right fast in First Person Perspective when pressing Q/E + Shift.

  6. Fixed issue where in some cases, Inventory items UI was not located inside the Inventory window.

  7. Fixed issue where wearing two different shoes that are on different layers sometimes did not appear correctly.

  8. Fixed issue where Bid button could be clicked repeatedly in the Auction window.

  9. Fixed issue where logging out while outfit is loading in the outfit window causes loading to reappear when logging back in.

  10. Fixed issue where clicking the Save button before an outfit fully loaded caused some items to not be included in the outfit.

  11. Fixed issue where the Advanced window in Region Editor was closed when changing a Region’s template.

  12. Resolved issue where the Loading panel sometimes got stuck while searching in Mail -> Select window.

  13. Fixed issue where clicking Reset Material in the Region Editor was not visible to other users in the Region at the time without rejoining.

  14. Fixed issue where other users were unable to see avatar's facial expression when using Facial Driver.

  15. Resolved issue where text in Tip/Donation window may not be fully displayed at default window scale for some languages.

  16. Fixed issue where display names with white space may not display normally.

  17. Fixed issue where some windows would remain open after user logout.

  18. Resolved issue where the camera area might exceed the Facial Driver Window when zoomed out, ensuring the whole Webcam area fits within the window.

  19. Fixed issue where some furniture's Disabled status was not saved properly in Region Editor.

  20. Fixed issue where deleting a spawnable item would not update in Inventory without having to refresh.

  21. Fixed issue where expired Auction items were not automatically disappearing from the Auction page and starting a reverse countdown.

  22. Resolved issue where Display Name on Mail Detail window may not completely display after changing user's Display Name to a long name.

  23. Fixed issue where Region images appeared shrunk in the Region List when viewed for the first time.

  24. Resolved issue where some popups would stay open even after changing Regions.

  25. Fixed issue where URL in Tip/Donation window could not be clicked.

  26. Fixed issue where in some cases an object that is active has no check inside the “Is Active” field in the Object Inspector window.

  27. Resolved issue where checking/unchecking “Is Active” repeatedly causes a UI malfunction.

  28. Fixed issue where right clicking to rotate an item in the item preview in Shop window would not work in all areas of the window.

  29. Fixed issue where replying to an email from a sender with a long name would cause UI to display incorrectly.

  30. Fixed issue where the tooltip for Time would appear in wrong positions.

  31. Fixed issue where in Advanced -> Area window, a long user display name would not show completely in default UI Scale.

  32. Fixed issue where Friends button continued to blink after logout and logging in to another account.

  33. Fixed issues where in some scenarios the notification bubbles did not fully display notification text.

  34. Fixed issue where selecting a very large amount of text sometimes leads to a UI visibility malfunction.

  35. Fixed issue where clothes with physics performed incorrectly in different heights for avatars while previewing them in the Outfit/Shop window.

  36. Fixed issue where Region name would revert when changing then enabling/disabling Region.

  37. Resolved issue where clicking Save in Edit Region Mode sometimes resulted in being stuck in Loading indefinitely.

  38. Region Description now completely displays even in default window scale.

  39. Corrected issue where URLs with unexpected characters were leading to incorrect websites under certain languages.

  40. Fixed issue where Create Bookmark button was not working after clicking Rename Bookmark in the Inventory section.

  41. Resolved issue where clicking on Vendors would show an empty Shop.

  42. Fixed issue where clothes were not completely taken off in Outfit > Wardrobe.

  43. Corrected the Mail Type text to display as "Friend Request" instead of "Requests {{0} In Total}" for Friend Request Mail in the Mail Window.

  44. Fixed issue where Sky Box settings were not saved in Edit Region mode.

  45. Fixed issue where in some cases clothes physics would get enabled even though graphic settings are set to “Fastest.”

  46. Fixed issue where other avatars that are continuously jumping would sometimes appear stuck in the air or floating on ground.

  47. Fixed issue where avatar height and avatar size slider bar were not in sync in Shop window.

  48. Fixed issue where users could click Login button multiple times resulting in Session Expired error.

  49. Fixed issue where Group tab would disappear after unticking all groups in Region window.

  50. Fixed issue where slider bar in Clothes preview was unable to work while Outfit Window is open.

  51. Fixed issue where changing your Region Name and then creating a Bookmark would not show the new name on the bookmark .

  52. Resolved issue where tooltip was stuck after clicking the clear button in People panel’s search bar.

  53. Resolved issue where the Chat window icon would sometimes disappear.

  54. Fixed issue where sometimes wearing attachments from Inventory would show a "Skeleton not matched" notification.

  55. Resolved issue where wearing an attachment on a Full Avatar Outfit caused a permanent loading panel to appear.

  56. Fixed issue where using a Bookmark to teleport to a deleted Region would display a permanent loading panel.

  57. Fixed issue where changes to light intensity in the Region Editor > Advanced window were not saving properly.

  58. Corrected movement and turning speed default display to match drag button position state in Settings.

  59. Fixed issue where in some rare cases Admins did not receive corresponding permissions.

  60. Fixed issue where in some cases local scale edits did not save properly in Region Editor.

  61. Resolved issue where "Add Friend" button was displayed instead of "Delete Friend" in the Friends window.

  62. Fixed issue where the platform zone component was not behaving correctly.

  63. Fixed incorrect item amount display in Inventory when receiving attachment from mail.

  64. Fixed issue where URLs in chat were not clickable.

  65. Fixed issue where unchecking and then checking the option to show your own name tag in UI Settings would cause the nametag to appear at the wrong position.

  66. Fixed issues with the chat box slider when scrolling through many messages.

  67. Fixed issue where Gizmo in Edit Region mode was not clickable in front of Furniture Canvas when Render Mode is "World Space."

  68. Resolved issue where avatar would not properly sync after sitting on a chair, then disconnecting and reconnecting.

  69. Resolved issue where Chat window was not scrolling down properly when new messages were coming in.

  70. Fixed issue where in some cases, the Chat window would move around the screen randomly.

  71. Fixed issue where avatar would float to destination when clicking while jumping in air, "Click to move" while jumping is now disabled.

  72. Fixed issue where the gizmo disappears in Region Editor when moving objects to the floor.

  73. Resolved issue where sometimes Chat window scrolling gets disabled.

  74. Fixed error where sometimes opening a bundle gives random items, preventing users from receiving their items.

  75. Fixed issue where in some cases assigning a floor to users makes floor owner names disappear.

  76. And 445 additional bugs fixed!

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