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Release notes for Breakroom viewer v2022.1f16467.

Viewer version: v2022.1f16467


  1. Single Sign-On (SSO) is now available for end users. This option can be enabled and configured via the World Dashboard.

  2. New Scripting Functions:

    1. Added SClickable.InvokeClick(), which simulates a mouse click on a clickable.

    2. Added SGrid.ID, which returns the current Grid ID.


  1. Improved the visibility of the X button on the Connection Issues notification panel.

  2. Optimized the behavior of the Connection Issues notification panel.

  3. Optimized chat (XMPP) reconnection performance.

  4. WebRTC/World Stream service:

    1. Improved and optimized the camera controls.

Bug Fixes

  1. Corrected various spelling and grammar mistakes across the platform.

  2. Fixed an issue where kicked/banned users were being sent to the wrong login screen.

  3. Fixed an issue where kicked/banned users were being shown a message with unclickable links.

  4. Fixed an issue where occasionally a chat channel with a long name caused a chat malfunction.

  5. Fixed an issue where browser surfaces on mesh objects were being blocked by trigger colliders.

  6. Fixed an issue where Region URLs were not sending users to the correct region.

  7. Fixed an issue where a permanent “Loading 100%” notification bubble would appear.

  8. Fixed an issue where entering a word containing uppercase letters into the Outfit window search field would return incorrect results.

  9. Fixed an issue where the Region Editor search function returned incorrect results.

  10. Fixed an issue where the Connection Issues notification panel did not properly close.

  11. Fixed an issue where the viewer would occasionally crash when users attempted to close it by pressing the X button.

  12. Fixed an issue with text chat where some characters in a posted URL would be converted into an unhappy face emoji.

  13. Fixed an issue where the Video Test window failed to produce a video feed. (Device Options → Mic & Cam Test → Next)

  14. Fixed an issue where text chat was disabled, but the Open Chat button would still appear in-world.

  15. Fixed an issue where a “Data Sync Error” pop-up would incorrectly appear.

  16. Fixed an issue where text chat (XMPP) would disconnect and fail to properly reconnect.

  17. Fixed an issue where avatars would occasionally be stuck in a seated position.

  18. Fixed an issue where the Upload Image panel would cause the viewer to freeze and crash.

  19. Fixed an issue where users would see the Chat Disconnected icon erroneously appear.

  20. Fixed a bug where Bool Public Script Variables would not persist when saved in the Region Editor.

  21. Fixed a bug where uploading an image on a Breakroom Image Viewer or Breakroom Web Browser would cause the viewer to crash.

  22. WebRTC/World Stream service:

    1. Fixed an issue where the camera angel would lock when rotating horizontally.

    2. Fixed an issue where the First Person Camera (shortcut: M) would auto rotate.

    3. Fixed an issue where users would not be able to rotate the view and drag gizmos in the Region Editor.

  23. Scripting Functions:

    • Fixed the spelling of the SNavMeshAgent.Wrap function (used to be “Warp”).

Conference Tools


  1. Clustered Landing: Landing zones now have a “Clustered Landing” option, which allows a large number of users to land in small cluster groups instead of all users landing in a small confined space.

    1. The Clustered Landing feature is optional and can be enabled/disabled on specific zones.

    2. You can specify a Cluster Size, which gives you control over the size of the area the where the users will be clustered.

    3. You have the option to decide whether users will land facing each other, or each facing a random orientation point.


  1. Presenter Only button moved to Moderator Tools.

  2. Removed the word “Camera” from all Camera View buttons.

  3. The Duplicate ID and Duplicate Name warnings in the Region Editor are now clickable, and clicking them will visually highlight the zones that are in conflict.

  4. Improved the visibility of colliders for Breakroom Web Browsers and Video Players.

  5. Limited "See on Screen" functionality to one expanded screen at a time.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a bug where the camera would stick if users teleported while zoomed in on a Breakroom Web Browser or Video Player (by clicking the Zoom In button).

  2. Fixed a bug where Breakroom Web Browsers, Video Players and Image Viewers were sometimes excessively bright.

  3. Fixed a bug where occasionally two users would get assigned the same seat.

  4. Fixed a bug where the “Quiet Mode On” / “Mute Audience” feature would not successfully mute everyone.

  5. Fixed a bug where a user cannot walk into the workshop while in Edit Mode.

  6. Fixed a bug where the Moderator Tools button was unnecessarily visible to users without the proper permissions.

  7. Fixed a bug where two voice zones with similar names created a teleport conflict.

  8. Fixed a bug where addon seats would occasionally malfunction.

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