Breakroom Dashboard

Release notes for Breakroom Dashboard v4218.

Dashboard version: v4218


  1. Learning Management System: Breakroom now offers a full-scope LMS featuring integrated quizzes, scheduled classes, and more.

  2. World access options: World Owners and World Administrators now have the option to boot or retain connected users when taking a World offline.

  3. Data collection and privacy: World Owners now have the ability to enable/disable data collection for their userbase, as well as display GDPR consent forms.

  4. New media organization tools: World Owners and World Administrators can now directly upload and manage images/videos using their World’s Image/Video Library.

  5. Improved World Stream functionality: World Stream users now receive a "session ending" notification prior to being logged out.


  1. Users can now use the period character ( . ) in display names during registration.

  2. Breakroom now allows clients to schedule large events through the Dashboard, automatically adjusting fleet capacity as needed.

  3. Dashboard now includes optional input field for displaying client Privacy Policy.

  4. Users clicking their own username in the Dashboard are now forwarded to "".

  5. Added alert popup when setting a Region as a Default Landing Region.

  6. Billing improvements:

    1. Error message updated to clarify that a credit card cannot be deleted from an account if that card is currently being used for ongoing payments or subscriptions.

    2. Users can now edit the "Expiry Date" of existing credit cards on the Billing page.

Bug Fixes

  1. Resolved issue where credit card country input may display as "0" on Billing page, now allows users to choose a new valid country.

  2. Fixed issue where extra spaces in email address field led to error message.

  3. Resolved issue where clicking "Download App" on Dashboard displayed "'Grid Id' must be greater than '0'." error message.

  4. Fixed issue where avatar preview images may not display correctly during the registration process when exactly 10 default avatars were selected in Dashboard.

  5. Fixed issue where some default active Regions were displaying as "Inactive" in World Customization > Regions.

  6. Resolved issue where repeatedly toggling a World off and on in the Settings tab caused an incorrect status to display, now status updates correctly without conflicts.

  7. Resolved issue where uploading a large image to "Login screen image" in the World Customization tab could cause text to exceed border.

  8. Fixed issue where Select Active Only filter in World Stream tab displayed past year tickets instead of empty table when no active tickets were present.

  9. Corrected display of "Video Fair Usage Policy" as 720,000 minutes instead of 30,000 in the Learn More table on the Pricing page.

  10. Curator:

    1. Fixed a bug where the time displayed for "Item Created" and "Last Updated" in the Items list in Curator would use a time zone other than the user's local time zone.

    2. Fixed issue where clicking "Add To Inventory" button in Curator would sometimes result in an endless loading screen.

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