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Breakroom Video Player

The perfect tool for presentations, training videos, or sharing fun moments with colleagues. Read on for more information about installing and setting up the Breakroom video player.


The Breakroom Video Player allows you to stream live or pre-recorded video into your regions. Our platform supports many common video formats, such as MP4, HLS, and YouTube videos.
In your inventory, you'll see the video player represented by this icon:
To set up the video player in your region, please see our Region Editor documentation.

Tips for optimum performance

  • Breakroom does not currently support videos hosted on Vimeo.
  • For best performance, we recommend hosting your video as an MP4 file on a cloud server (such as Amazon AWS).
If a YouTube video is DRM-controlled or monetized, you will not be able to stream it through the Breakroom Video Player. Please be aware that YouTube may automatically apply DRM restrictions to a video if it detects the presence of copyrighted materials (such as background music). If the video you want to use is DRM-controlled or monetized, you may still be able to play it using the Breakroom Web Browser. Please note that playing a video on the web browser object offers a different experience, and that Breakroom cannot track video analytics through the web browser object.

Video player administration

The Breakroom Video Player control panel is only accessible to the object owner and Region Administrators. To access it, click on the gear icon in the bottom control bar.
The control panel allows you to select the video you want to play and configure its playback settings. You can also upload a static splash screen that will be displayed whenever the video is not currently active.
The Breakroom Video Player control panel.
Control panel component
Video Address
The address where the video is hosted.
Auto Play
Checking this box will cause the video to play automatically when avatars approach the video player.
Loop Video
Checking this box will cause the video to replay continually.
Silent Mode
Checking this box will cause the video to play with muted audio until a viewer clicks the Zoom In button.
Saves the selected settings.
Splash Image
Opens the splash screen selection panel. (See below.)

Video player splash screens

A Breakroom Video Player displaying a static splash screen with a clear call to action.
Uploading a customized splash screen for each video player you set out can drive end user engagement and create an atmosphere of interactivity and user autonomy. Alternatively, you can use dormant video players to display event branding or informational signage when they're not actively in use.
The splash screen selection panel, with an example splash screen displayed in the preview window.
To add a static splash screen to your video player, follow the steps below.
  1. 1.
    Click on the gear icon to open the video player control panel, as described above.
  2. 2.
    Click the Splash Image button. This will open the splash screen selection window.
  3. 3.
    Click the Upload New Image button to select a splash screen from your computer, or click the Image Library button to browse through images that you've already uploaded to Breakroom.
  4. 4.
    Your selected image will display in the preview window. Make sure everything looks good, and then click the X button in the top right corner of the splash screen selection window to return to the video player control panel.
  5. 5.
    Click the Save button, and then click the X button to exit.

Video player user controls

Users can control any video player using the buttons located in the bottom control bar.
Control bar component
Plays the video for the user who clicks it.
Pauses the video for the user who clicks it.
Stops the video for the user who clicks it.
Zoom In/Zoom Out
Allows users to focus on and away from the screen.
Only available to video player Admins.

Auto Play zone

The Breakroom Video Player is equipped with an invisible collider that extends out in front of the screen. If the "Auto Play" option is enabled, the video will automatically begin to play when a user walks into this collider. Likewise, the video will stop when the user exits the collider.

Video player analytics

The Breakroom Video Player transmits usage analytics to Breakroom's advanced analytics panel, reporting when a user plays a video. If you have multiple screens equipped throughout your world, advanced analytics will also tell you which videos are being played. Please contact our Customer Success Team for more information.