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With Breakroom, you can soar to new heights—literally. Learn how to move your avatar (yes, that includes flying!), control your camera, and communicate with other users.


There's plenty to do and see in your virtual world—so how do you take it all in? The information in this section will help you master the art of avatar and camera movement. We'll also review the different ways you can interact and communicate with fellow users, explain your options for navigating both within and between Breakroom regions, and provide a cheat sheet of keyboard shortcuts that will further simplify your digital life.

Avatar controls: Learn how to explore Breakroom's virtual regions by using your avatar to walk, run, and fly.

Single-user gestures: Need to express yourself through the art of interpretive dance? You can literally do that! Learn how to purchase and use expressive gestures to animate your avatar.

Multi-user gestures: Want to offer your colleague a high-five, or give your best friend a hug? Gestures also allow you to interact with other users.

Camera controls: To get the most out of your metaverse experience, advanced camera use is critical. This page outlines the fundamentals, as well as some handy tricks.

Communicating with other users: Learn how to speak with others through text chat, voice chat, direct message, and in-world email.

Exploring your world: Here you'll learn how to locate other regions and teleport to them, as well as how to issue teleport invitations to your contacts.

Keyboard shortcuts: Many common Breakroom tasks are tied to simple keyboard shortcuts.

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