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Breakroom Note Board

Brainstorming sessions, tutorials, icebreakers and more—Breakroom's note system allows you to literally throw your ideas at the wall. Learn how to set it up here.


Repositionable notes are indispensable for brainstorming sessions, agile management, tutorials, games, and many other professional applications. Each Breakroom Note Board item functions as a reusable note that can be edited either by the public, or by users with advanced permissions (such as Region Administrators and Moderators).
In your inventory, you'll see the Breakroom Note Board represented by this icon:
To set up a note board object in your region, please see our Region Editor documentation.
A wall of Breakroom Note Boards, set up so that ideas can be entered by individuals during an activity.


Read mode

In read mode (pictured above), each note features a title, text, and author name. There are also two buttons.
Edit: This button allows you to make changes to the card, if you have permission to do so (or the card is set to be edited by the public).
Zoom In: This button causes your camera to zoom in on the card in question. To look away again, simply click Zoom Out.

Write mode

A Breakroom card in write mode.
In write mode, you can edit the card's contents or grant editing permissions to the public. The relevant fields and options are:
Field or option
Allows you to enter a title for the card.
Allows you to enter text that will be displayed on the card.
Allows you to choose from a variety of fonts.
Text Color
Allows you to choose from a variety of text colors.
Public Editing
Checking this box will open the card up for editing by anyone. If this box remains unchecked, only Administrators and Moderators can edit the card.
Saves your changes.
Cancels your changes.