Introduction to running your world

You've built the perfect world. Now, it's time to host the perfect event. Learn how to use Breakroom's conferencing, moderation, and meeting systems.

Breakroom gives you the ability to build a stunning virtual world—but what is a world without people? Once you've invited and onboarded your users, it's time for the real show to begin. With our conferencing, moderation, and scheduling systems, you can meet up with fellow employees to work on a project or run an entire virtual convention. Breakroom's versatility is limited only by your own imagination.

The conferencing system: Learn how to set up voice chat, video streaming, and screen sharing. Let your users teleport instantly to key locations and express themselves through vivacious, animated gestures.

The moderator controls: Breakroom's robust moderation tools allow you to communicate with users one-on-one, even during busy events. Field questions, direct traffic, and even switch on an audio stream for some extra ambiance.

The scheduling and meeting system: Publish an entire directory of events well in advance, and let users RSVP and travel to your venues effortlessly. You can create VIP events and issue invitations, too.

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