Breakroom Orientation Quest

Get your users up to speed fast with the Breakroom Orientation Quest. When added to your region, new users can rock a crash course in metaverse logistics and communication—all with a few clicks.


The Breakroom Orientation Quest offers a personalized, self-paced tutorial for users who need help getting around, changing their avatar, and activating their microphone. Located high in the sky, the orientation zone can serve as a relaxed, quiet place for new users to get away from the hubbub and get their virtual feet under them.

For help installing the Breakroom Orientation Quest, please see our Region Editor documentation.

This object is invisible—you can place it anywhere. However, we encourage you to locate it at 0,0,0 in your region by manually editing the Transform component.

The Breakroom Orientation Quest is built using our Quest System. If you're interested in building your own custom quests, please see our Quest System documentation.

Using the Breakroom Orientation Quest

When users enter a region that contains the Breakroom Orientation Quest, they'll be welcomed with a pop-up reminding them how to move their avatars. After reviewing this information, they can click the Close button to dismiss the pop-up, or click the Orientation Quest button to teleport to the quest area.

Completing the Orientation Quest is fairly straightforward—helpful robot guides will walk users through every step. Users will learn how to select a starter avatar, how to move through the metaverse, how to use their microphones to talk with other people, and how spatial audio works. If at any time they wish to exit the quest, they can do so by clicking the Go Back button located in the top left corner of the screen.

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