In Breakroom, networking is everything. Learn how to curate a personal contact list, join and create in-world groups, and leverage your contacts in order to control region access.


The People and Groups functions in Breakroom are designed to help you create, manage, and leverage the power of people. The People window allows you to build a personal index of contacts and friends in order to facilitate communication. Meanwhile, the Groups window assists with managing and creating groups in order to promote networking, organize events, or control access to specific areas.

Breakroom account Owners can disable access to the People button through the Dashboard. If you do not see a People button in the lower left-hand corner of your screen, the account Owner may have elected to turn it off.

In the sections that follow, we'll explore the People and Groups windows in more detail. We will also cover the topic of user profiles—what they are, how they can help you and your users make connections, and how they can be edited.

Adding users to your People list: Learn how to add contacts to your People list, whether you're standing in the same virtual room or reaching out to a known friend.

Using your People list to make connections: Learn how to locate contact profiles, start direct text conversations, and meet in-world via teleportation.

Finding and joining existing groups: Here you'll learn how to find and join groups that have already been formed in-world, as well as more about group and member permissions.

Creating a group: Need a brand new group? Here you'll discover how easy it is to set one up.

Managing group members: Membership has its privileges. Learn how to appoint group Administrators and Moderators.

Muting and blocking group members: If necessary, group members can be muted, preventing them from communicating with the group. They can also be removed or blocked from the group.

User profiles: User profiles function much like business cards or event badges. Learn how to access information about other users and update your own.

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