Introduction to opening the doors

Breakroom's Dashboard helps you manage user permissions and guide newcomers as they learn how to access your virtual world. Learn more about licensing, World Stream, and Eventbrite integration.

Breakroom provides a full suite of tools for managing user accounts, whether those accounts belong to permanent users like internal staff or students, or temporary visitors like paid delegates or customers.

The Breakroom Dashboard is designed for fast and transparent account management, allowing you to import users in bulk, manually add users as needed, and update user permissions and information with just a few clicks. Breakroom also makes it easy to sell tickets to your virtual events through Eventbrite.

When it comes to making your world accessible, you can give users with low-performance hardware instant access on almost any device by directing them to our browser-based World Stream solution. PC and Mac installers are also available for users with machines that meet the minimum tech specifications for your world.

Seats and concurrency: Learn more about seats, concurrency, and how to expand user capacity.

World Stream: As long as your users have one of our supported browsers installed, they can log in to your world. Learn where to direct them, and how to troubleshoot some common World Stream issues.

Desktop applications: Breakroom offers custom apps for both Windows and Mac machines.

Managing access to your world: Here you'll find information on adding users to your world, assigning user permissions, and editing user information. We'll also show you how to integrate Breakroom with Eventbrite's ticketing system.

Onboarding your users: Whether you're welcoming a host of new users or a single VIP, here are our best practice tips for orienting users once they've logged in.

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