The Breakroom Toolkit

Giving you the tools you need to succeed—that's the Breakroom way. Learn more about the items that make up the Breakroom Toolkit, including collaboration and navigation tools.


World Owners, Administrators, and Developers will automatically receive the contents of the Breakroom Toolkit delivered to their inventories. This toolkit consists of plug-and-play items designed to help you quickly add branding, media, and functional engagement to your regions. You can place these items in your regions using the Region Editor.

The Breakroom Toolkit contains the following items:

In addition to the items listed above, the Breakroom Toolkit includes:

These items are provided so that you can install the Breakroom conferencing system components in a custom region.

Beta items

Some world Owners, Administrators, and Developers may have been granted access to Breakroom items that are currently in development or beta testing. These items are not available to the general public, but we have included starter documentation here for the convenience of our testers.

Item updates

World Owners, Admins, and Developers will automatically receive new conference tools and interactive objects released by Breakroom. These objects will be delivered directly to each user's inventory. Updates are also pushed forward automatically.

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