Exploring your world

There's no need for airports or carpool lanes in the metaverse—get exactly where you need to go using Breakroom's suite of teleportation tools.


Teleportation gives users the ability to travel instantly to different locations both within and between regions. In this section, we'll take a look at Breakroom's navigation tools and explain how they can be used to explore your dynamic virtual world.

The Explore window

The Explore window can be used to access a listing of every featured region in a particular Breakroom world. You can open the Explore window by clicking the Explore button in the bottom toolbar.

World Owners can disable access to the Explore window, along with other Breakroom features. Your toolbar's appearance may differ from that shown above.

The Explore window contains a search function, as well as several category tabs designed to assist with region navigation and promotion. Here is a brief overview of the associated UI.

To learn more about a region, click the listing image to call up the Region Information window. To visit a region, click the Enter button in the lower right corner of the region listing.

Region-specific navigation tools

Breakroom's conferencing system includes region-specific navigation tools. You can learn more about these tools by reviewing our conferencing system documentation, but as a brief overview:

  • The General Navigation bar teleports users to pre-determined networking and event locations within a particular region.

  • The Breakout Rooms bar teleports users to any breakout spaces located in a particular region.

  • The Areas of Interest panel lists additional region spaces that users may want easy access to, such as event venues and art installations.


Landmarks are currently being rebranded as bookmarks. You may see both terms used in the existing Breakroom UI.

Bookmarks are like virtual "pins" tacked on Breakroom's metaverse map. By making a bookmark and adding it to your inventory, you can save the coordinates of a particular region you might like to revisit. You can also share these bookmarks with other users, allowing them to travel in your footsteps.

Creating bookmarks

To create a bookmark, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate your avatar to the region where you want to create a bookmark. Make sure your avatar is standing exactly where you want users to land.

  2. When your avatar is in the right area, click the bookmark icon located above the mini map (highlighted above).

  3. In the dialog box that appears, enter a name for your bookmark and click the OK button. This will create a bookmark object in your inventory.

Using bookmarks

To use a bookmark from your inventory, follow these steps.

  1. Click the Inventory button in the bottom toolbar.

  2. An Inventory window will open. Click the Bookmark category in the left-hand menu.

  3. Locate the bookmark you want to use, and click on it. In the action menu that appears (pictured above), click the Teleport button.

Editing bookmarks

To rename a bookmark, click the Rename button in the bookmark action menu and enter the new name when prompted. To delete a bookmark from your inventory, click the Delete button.

Sharing bookmarks with other users

The only way to share a bookmark with another user is to attach it to an in-world email. Once they have accepted your attachment, the recipient will be able to use and edit the bookmark as described above. Please see our email documentation for more information.

Teleport invitations

You can always meet up with other users by teleporting to their location, or by asking them to join you. There are multiple ways to accomplish this.

Teleporting to other users

  1. If the other user is listed as a contact in your People list, click on their name and then click Teleport to Player in the action menu that appears. Your contact will see a pop-up asking them to grant or deny your request.

  2. If the other user is not yet one of your contacts, you can use the search field at the top of the People tab to search for a full or partial name. Results will be returned under the Everyone category. Once you've found the right person, click on their name and then click Teleport to Player. As above, the other user will be see a pop-up asking them to grant or deny your request.

Inviting users to teleport to you

To ask a user to join you, repeat the steps outlined above, but click the Invite Here action. The other user will receive your teleport invitation, and will have the option to accept or dismiss it.

Searching for regions

The search field located in the top toolbar can be used to search for regions by name. Clicking on a region name in the search results will open the Region Information window for that region. You can teleport directly to a region by clicking the "Enter the region" button in the Region Info window.

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