Breakroom Web Collab

Connect on the web without disconnecting from your metaverse experience. Learn how Breakroom Web Collab can help users access web-based productivity software from within the platform itself.


Breakroom Web Collab is an optional addition to the conferencing system controls. With Breakroom Web Collab, users don't have to tab away from Breakroom to access web-based productivity software (such as Google Docs).

For help installing the Breakroom Web Collab object, please see our Region Editor documentation.

This object is invisible—you can place it anywhere. However, we encourage you to locate it at 0,0,0 in your region by manually editing the Transform component.

Using Breakroom Web Collab

Breakroom Web Collab operates like a standard browser. The key difference is the two tabs:

  • Private: This tab is visible to the user alone. Any changes made to public documents hosted on third-party services will be visible to other participants, but non-public browsing and data entry will remain private.

  • Shared: This tab can only be controlled by a Moderator. Moderators can enter or navigate to any URL for shared viewing. However, scrolling and data entry are the responsibility of individual users; Moderators cannot force-navigate a page on behalf of all viewers.

Essentially, this system gives users the ability to log in to third-party productivity software from within the Breakroom platform, and gives Moderators the ability to point users toward a shared document for work or review.

Breakroom Web Collab can be accessed by clicking the Web Collab button in the conference controls.

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