Introduction to regions

Breakroom helps you create virtual spaces where real work gets done. Learn how to create connection fast using our region templates, or upload your own custom regions for a truly personal experience.

Every Breakroom world consists of one or more regions. To help you get started building your world, we offer a variety of region templates for immediate use. Each region template comes pre-equipped with Breakroom's event systems, ensuring that you have immediate access to video and audio conferencing, screen sharing, and moderator controls. You can also add your own media to regions by placing video players, free-standing browser panels, logos, and interactive posters wherever you want them in the scene.

Breakroom's region templates are unique works of virtual art, each one full of possibilities. There are conference and exhibition halls, large and small amphitheaters, open-plan offices, boardrooms, and inspiring "off-site" spaces—everything you need to create diverse work environments and host events in the Metaverse.

When you purchase a Breakroom subscription, your world will be activated and populated by a single default landing region. As part of designing your world, you can change this default landing region or appoint multiple default landing regions where users can get their virtual feet wet.

Because your subscription includes an unlimited number of regions, you can also add and enable additional regions as needed. Featuring your regions will make them easy for your users to find.

Note: By default, Breakroom regions can accommodate up to 100 simultaneous users. Higher capacity regions are available—for more information, please contact our Customer Success Team.

Creating new regions: Learn how to create a brand new region and apply a region template.

Editing and deleting regions: You can edit a region's name, description, template, or loading image at any time—or delete it to start over fresh.

Enabling and disabling regions: Learn how to make regions accessible to your users, or disable them to put them in "storage."

Default landing regions: First impressions matter. Learn about default landing regions, and how you can introduce your users to Breakroom in a memorable way.

Featured regions: A featured region is a findable region. Make things easy for your users by featuring your amazing creations.

Region template descriptions: Breakroom offers a multitude of region templates to get you started. Here you'll find specifics about each, including landing zones and built-in seating capacity.

ADVANCED - Upload your own region: If you have access to Unity resources, you can design your own custom region and upload it to Breakroom.

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