UI orientation

Breakroom's UI gives you the tools you need to thrive in your virtual world. Learn how to find your way around, manage your personal connections, and access various kinds of media.


Breakroom's UI, or user interface, contains the information and tools necessary to navigate your world. When enabled, your chosen UI components will frame the screen.

There are situations where you may wish to enable or disable certain functions for your end users. If you disable a portion of the UI, end users will not see that component appear on their screens. You can learn more about UI customization via the Dashboard by visiting the Customization section.

UI walkthrough

The tables below are designed to serve as a quick reference guide for the basic UI components and their functions. Detailed information about Breakroom's conferencing system, including its associated UI, can be found in the conferencing system section of our documentation.

The bottom toolbar

The mini map

The top toolbar

The bottom right corner toolbar

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