Webcam and screen share

Equip your team for multi-person presentations using webcam and screen share technology. Learn more about Breakroom's multi-screen technology and personal media management.

Camera permissions and screen sharing

Webcam streaming and screen sharing functionality are available on a zone-by-zone basis, depending on the location of your avatar. If your avatar enters an area where these features are enabled, Video and Screenshare buttons will appear in the conference controls.

The appearance of these buttons will change to reflect how you are currently interacting with the conferencing system. If these features are available, but you are not actively using them, the buttons will say "Video Off" and "Screenshare Off," respectively. If you are actively using a feature, the button icon will be highlighted in green, and the button text will change to indicate that it is in use.

Turning on your webcam

To give the conferencing system permission to access your webcam and start streaming video, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate your avatar to a breakout area or voice zone where webcam streaming and screen sharing are enabled. The relevant buttons will appear in the conference controls.

  2. Click the Video button. A confirmation pop-up will appear. To grant Breakroom permission to access your camera, click the Accept button.

3. Once activated, the Video button icon will turn green and the button text will change to "Video On." This indicates that your webcam is live, and that others can see and hear you. To turn off your webcam, click the Video button again.

Turning on screen share

To share your computer screen with other users, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate your avatar to a breakout area or voice zone where webcam streaming and screen sharing are enabled. The relevant buttons will appear in the conference controls.

  2. Click the Screenshare button to begin sharing your screen. Click the button again to turn screen share off.

Some breakout areas and voice zones are designed with "hideaway" screens that only appear while a user is actively sharing their webcam or screen. If you don't see a screen in your immediate area, don't panic! As long as the Video and Screenshare buttons are visible, you can share your webcam or screen.

Managing your media feeds

Breakroom makes it easy to toggle between using your webcam and sharing your computer screen. Multiple users can also share media at the same time.

Here a user is sharing their screen in a workshop area. Their Breakroom display name is provided at the bottom of the screen for ease of reference. The same rule applies to webcams.​‌

Here, two users are sharing their webcams in-world. When multiple users share their screens or webcams simultaneously, the resulting feeds are automatically resized and tiled within the designated screen area.

When you are sharing your webcam and screen simultaneously, it is important to remember that your webcam will remain active unless you manually turn it off.

For example, if you were speaking to your team through your webcam and then clicked the Screenshare button in order to share a file on your screen, your webcam would still be active behind the scenes. Once you stopped sharing your screen, your webcam feed would be displayed in-world.

To transition seamlessly between webcam and screen share, first make sure that you've turned on your webcam and affirmed that Breakroom has permission to access your camera. Leave your webcam on, and use the Screenshare button to toggle screen share as needed, keeping in mind that your camera will remain active until you turn it off.

Controlling where screens appear

The Screen Appearance button gives you the ability to toggle between multiple screen views on your personal computer. Combined with Breakroom's webcam and screen share functions, this tool makes presentations more efficient and accessible for both you and your users. The button text will change based on the setting you select.

Here's another example of a user sharing their screen. Notice that the text on the Screen Appearance button says "See In World," and the screen is being displayed on an in-world viewer.

Here the user has clicked the Screen Appearance button, toggling it to "See on Screen" mode. The shared screen has opened in a new window, essentially "popping forward" and expanding for better visibility.

In the upper right corner of the new screen window, you'll see an expansion toggle. You can click on this toggle to enter and exit fullscreen mode.

You can also click on the center of the screen to minimize it. The screen will shrink, and "park" itself beneath the conference controls. To expand it, simply click on it again. If multiple presenters are streaming over webcam or sharing their screens, you'll see multiple smaller screens arranged here, allowing you to browse through them and enlarge only the screen you want to see.

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