The moderator controls

You work hard behind the scenes to make each and every event a success. Let Breakroom help with our collection of moderator tools. Communicate with users, share streaming media, and more.


Breakroom's moderator controls offer event coordinators a definite advantage when it comes to attendee support and logistics. By accessing a single UI interface, you can message users as a whole or individually, teleport users to different locations within your region, and field questions from audience members. You can also stream music and video to create a unique multimedia experience.

Accessing the moderator controls

Moderator control permissions

Key event coordinators and stakeholders will have access to the moderator controls by default. This list includes:

This documentation refers to these individuals collectively as "Moderators." For more information about assigning and managing these roles, please see the links above.

Launching the moderator control panel

To launch the moderator control panel, click the Moderator controls/Key button located on the right side of the screen.

Once you've opened the moderator controls, the Key button will expand into a multi-button side panel. In order, these buttons point to:

We'll explore the moderator controls in more detail in the sections that follow. The top button, or X, collapses the panel.

The Moderator controls/Key button is normally visible only to the user types listed above. However, other users may see this button if you have enabled a password on the moderator controls to make them more broadly accessible. If you would like to enable a password as part of your event security or logistics plan, please contact our Customer Success Team for more information.

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