The Meetings window and region bookmarks

Breakroom's built-in events schedule makes it easy to keep everyone on the same page. Advertise events and meetings, invite specific users to RSVP and attend, and provide handy teleport bookmarks.


The Meetings window allows you to schedule virtual events and publish them for your users to see—even weeks in advance. Users can add your events to their own schedules and immediately teleport to your chosen venue when it's time to meet, saving you the hassle of teleporting them individually. You can also opt to make events invite-only, or open them up to a wider audience.

Accessing the Meetings window

To open the Meetings window, click the Meetings button located in the bottom toolbar.

World Owners can disable access to the Meetings window, along with other Breakroom features. Your toolbar's appearance may differ from that shown above.

In the Meetings window, you will see all the events scheduled for your world listed in chronological order. Here is a brief overview of the associated UI.

Reviewing and attending events

To learn more about an event, click on the listing in the Meetings window. If you're the person who scheduled the event, you'll see a ... button allowing you to edit or delete that event listing.

If an event is of interest to you, click on the Attend button to RSVP. Once the event is live, you can click the Enter button to teleport directly to the region where the event is scheduled to take place.

Scheduling an event

To schedule a meeting or event, follow these steps.

  1. Click the Meetings button located in the bottom toolbar. This will launch the Meetings window.

  2. In the Meetings window, click the Create button located in the top right corner.

  3. Enter the required information:

    1. Enter the event name.

    2. Select a date, start time, and duration for the event. (Note: Please enter the start time in your local time.)

    3. Click the Select a Region button. In the menu that appears, select the region where you want your event to take place. (Note: You can use the search field to locate a specific region.) Click the Confirm button when you are satisfied with your region choice.

    4. If desired, use the Select Landmark drop-down menu to select a specific arrival point for your region visitors.

    5. Select a privacy setting for your event by ticking either the Public or Only Invited checkbox. (Scroll down for additional information.)

    6. Enter an event description.

  4. Click the Save button.

If you set your event to Public, anyone will be able to view the event in the Meetings window, RSVP, and attend. If you set your event to Only Invited, you will need to invite your chosen attendees using these additional steps.

  1. Click the Add Attendees button. This will open the Invite Attendees window.

  2. To invite individual users: Using the tabs on the left, locate the users you want to invite. Click on each attendee's name to highlight it, or check the Select All box at the top of a user category to invite all of the listed users. You can also use the search field to locate users.

    1. Category listings include:

      1. Invited List: All users currently invited to the event.

      2. All Attendees: All users who have accounts on your world.

      3. Contacts: All users in your personal People list.

  3. To invite all members of a group: Using the group tabs on the left, locate the group(s) you want to invite. Click on each group member's name to highlight it, or check the Select All box at the top of the group tab to invite every member of that group.

  4. Once you have chosen which attendees you want to invite, click the Select button.

Once you have scheduled an invite-only event, invitations will go out on the Breakroom platform, allowing users to RSVP. Public events will immediately be published in the Meetings window.

Using direct bookmarks

Landmarks are currently being rebranded as bookmarks. You may see both terms used in the existing Breakroom UI.

You can choose the precise location where your attendees will arrive by using the Select Landmark drop-down menu when scheduling an event. To get started, you will first need to bookmark your chosen landing spot.

To bookmark a specific spot in your region, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate your avatar to the region where you want to create a bookmark. Make sure your avatar is standing directly where you want users to land.

  2. When your avatar is in the right area, click the bookmark icon located above the mini map (highlighted above).

  3. In the dialog box that appears, enter a name for your bookmark and click the OK button. This will create a bookmark object in your inventory.

4. Using the steps outlined above, schedule a new event. After you select the event region, use the Select Landmark drop-down menu to choose the bookmark you just created.

5. Once you are satisfied with your event details, click the Save button.

Now when users teleport to your event, they will arrive at the exact location your bookmark specifies.

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