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Introduction to customization

The sky is NOT the limit when it comes to customizing Breakroom. Learn more about managing items within regions, changing the atmosphere, and other advanced customization options.
Once you've picked a default avatar collection and chosen which region templates you'd like to use, it's time to make some important decisions about how users will interact with your world. Breakroom offers many options for customization, including:
  • Adding media and branding assets to your regions.
  • Adding breakout spaces to your regions.
  • Enabling and disabling UI components for your end users.
  • Uploading a custom login screen.
  • Uploading a custom app logo.
All of these options shape the metaverse your users will enter—helping them to get around, work together, and ultimately identify with your brand or project.
An example of the many UI features that can be switched on or off.
Inside your chosen venues, you can use the Region Editor to display posters, set up video players, and provide users with instant access to your webpage. You can even add workshop areas and vendor booths to meet your project requirements, all pre-equipped with Breakroom's robust conferencing tools.
If you have access to 3D modeling resources, you can also upload your own regions and other 3D objects. You can then add our conferencing system components via the Region Editor. A few drags, a few clicks, and you're ready to work.
Using the Region Editor: Learn how to edit objects and place them within your region.
The Breakroom Toolkit: With this collection of simple, but powerful tools, you can brand and personalize any region in moments.
Customizing the UI: Add and remove UI components, and influence how your users engage with your world.
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