ADVANCED - The Region Editor Advanced window


Region Owners, Administrators, and other users with region editing permissions can access advanced Region Editor functions by clicking the Advanced button. There administrative users can swap materials on some region template surfaces, enable or disable optional region template design features, or reset a region back to its default configuration. Each of these functions is covered in more detail below.

The Area tab

Accessing the Area tab allows you to change who owns the region room floor. The room floor owner can move, delete, edit, and otherwise manage all items "filed" under that floor in the Objects window, even those set down by other people.

At this stage in Breakroom's development, this option has limited use. If you do want to change the room floor owner, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the region that contains the room floor you want to reassign.

  2. Open the Region Editor by clicking the Edit Region button at the bottom of your screen.

  3. Open the Advanced window by clicking the Advanced button.

  4. Click on the Area tab.

  5. Locate the room floor, and click the Edit button.

  6. In the panel that appears, use the Owner drop-down menu to select one of your contacts as the new owner. If you want to revert ownership back to yourself, select "Region Owner" in the drop-down menu.

  7. Click the Save button.

In order to appoint a user as the new owner of a region room floor, you must first add them to your People list.

The Material tab

If a region template includes material-enabled surfaces, you can change those materials at any time through the Material tab. This is a quick, easy way to achieve fresh visual effects using existing region templates.

Not all regions contain material-enabled surfaces, and not every surface in a region is equipped for material swapping. Material surfaces must be enabled at the point of region upload, and cannot be added afterwards. Please review Breakroom's region template descriptions to see what materials in a particular region can be edited, if any.

Purchasing materials in the Shop

In order to swap out materials in a region template, you will first need to purchase material files to use. These are available through the Breakroom Shop. To open the Shop and navigate directly to the materials section, follow these steps.

  1. To open the Shop window, click on the Shop button located in the bottom toolbar.

  2. Click the Furniture tab located along the top of the Shop window.

  3. Click the Material subcategory in the left-hand menu.

Once you have navigated to the materials section, you can browse at your leisure. Please be advised that some materials come bundled in packs, while others are sold as singles. For help completing your purchase, please review our detailed Shop instructions.

Swapping materials on a region surface

To illustrate the effects of a material swap and create a walkthrough tutorial, we will change the 90-seat auditorium stage surface in the Desert Island region. As you can see in the image above, the stage surface defaults to non-slip green flooring.

To access the material swap feature, we will first follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the region you want to edit.

  2. Open the Region Editor by clicking the Edit Region button at the bottom of your screen.

  3. Open the Advanced window by clicking the Advanced button.

  4. Click on the Material tab.

  5. If there are any material-enabled surfaces in the region, you will see them listed under this tab. To change a particular material, click the Swap Material button located to the right of the surface name.

6. If you have materials in your inventory, these will now be displayed for selection. Click on the material you want to use.

7. Click the Save and Close buttons in the lower right corner of the Region Editor.

In the image above, you can see that we have replaced the flat green floor with a wooden deck material from the Wood Flooring Volume 1 materials pack by Trilo Byte Design. The effect is immediate, as the stage looks more organic and thus reflects the tropical environment.

The Lights tab

Much like the Materials tab, the Lights tab allows you to make changes to real-time lighting fixtures. Currently, there are no Breakroom region templates equipped with modifiable lighting.

The Options tab

Certain region templates come equipped with additional customization settings that can be enabled or disabled through the Options tab. This may include things like tree density, specific material effects, and more. To switch any these settings, toggle the relevant Enable/Disable button and then click the Save button in the Region Editor.

Not all regions contain additional customization options. Please review Breakroom's region template descriptions to see what options are available in a particular region, if any.

The Reset Region tab

The Reset Region tab can be used to reset all or part of a region back to its original settings. These reset buttons can have dramatic and wide-ranging effects, and should be used with care.

Reset Components button

Clicking this button will reset every component attached to every object in the region, restoring their default settings. This includes:

  • The Transform component, which affects object location and rotation,

  • The RoomFurniture component, which can affect custom voice zones,

  • The ScriptingData component, which can affect custom screen setups, etc.

Only click this button if you want to reset the components attached to every item without deleting those items from your region.

Reset Materials button

Clicking this button will restore the default materials on any material-enabled surfaces that you have edited.

Reset Region button

Clicking the Reset Region button will delete all custom changes that have been made to a region. This includes deleting any virtual items that have been added to your region. Please think carefully before you restore a region to its default settings.

It bears repeating—please consider the consequences before you click any of the Reset Region buttons. Using these buttons can destroy any custom work you have done in a region. Your deleted work will not be recoverable.

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