Avatar customization

Breakroom's wide array of avatar components and accessories exists to give you maximum control over your virtual look. Learn how to edit your base avatar, find new items, and filter the Shop.


Breakroom's avatar customization options fall into two broad categories, each with an associated set of tools.

  • Users can create and edit their own avatars, customizing everything from foot size to eyelash length. This is achieved through the Outfit window.

  • Users can purchase additional avatar components such as skins, hairstyles, and clothing, and apply these to their avatars. This is achieved through the Inventory, Outfit, and Shop windows.

World Owners can influence their users' buying decisions by implementing a number of Shop filters. Owners can also restrict access to the Outfit, Inventory, and Shop windows using the Dashboard, as detailed below.

Restricting access to avatar customization

By enabling or disabling access to Breakroom's avatar customization tools, you can choose exactly how much creative leeway to give your users when it comes to their in-world appearance.

Under the World Customization > Features tab on the Dashboard, you'll find a section titled Features. Here you can control which UI elements your users see. Several of these options directly impact how users may edit their avatars.

UI Feature

Impact on avatar customization


Removing access to the Inventory window will impact how users locate and equip any avatar components that they own. Users can still attach and edit avatar components using the Outfit window.


Removing the Outfit window will eliminate most avatar, clothing, and accessory customization options for your users. If the Inventory window is enabled, users can still access and attach avatar components that they own. They can also alter their avatar's appearance through the application of purchased morphs, shapes, and skins.


Turning off access to the Shop will prevent your users from purchasing new avatar components, as long as Search is also disabled.


The Search bar can be used to search for clothing within the Shop. Removing it will force users to search for items within the Shop window itself, if they are permitted to access it.

If you want to disable any of these UI elements for your end users, follow these steps

  1. Navigate to your Dashboard.

  2. Click on the World Customization tab.

  3. Click on the Features tab.

  4. Scroll down to the "Features" section. Uncheck the box beside each UI element you want to turn off.

  5. Click the Save Changes button.

To restore one or more UI elements after turning them off, repeat steps 1-4 above and check the boxes beside the UI elements you want your users to see. Then click the Save Changes button.

You can learn more about enabling and disabling parts of the UI in our customization section.

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