Controlling your avatar

Breakroom really helps you get around! Learn how to walk, fly, dance, and interact with other users through your virtual avatar.


Just as we rely on our physical bodies to help us experience the world and express ourselves, your avatar serves as your main point of reference within the metaverse. In order to explore, create, and socialize, you will need to move your avatar through virtual space. On this page you'll learn how to navigate regions by walking and flying, as well as how to animate your avatar through the use of gestures.

Controlling your avatar


You can walk around the virtual world using the arrow keys on your keyboard. If you're familiar with playing video games on a PC, you can also use the WASD keys.


To run, hold down the Shift key while walking.

Jumping and crouching

To jump, press the space bar. To crouch down, press the C key while your avatar is standing on the ground.


To start flying, first press the F key. This will lift your avatar into the air, where it will hover. You can then use the arrow keys or WASD keys to soar about. Press the R key (or Pg Up key) to fly higher, and the C key (or Pg Down key) to fly lower. Press the F key again to land.

Click to walk

You can also move around by pointing your mouse cursor at a spot on the ground and clicking the left mouse button. Your avatar will then walk to the specified point and stop. This is called the "click to walk" setting, and you can turn it off in the Settings panel if you like.

The Settings panel contains additional options related to avatar movement—you can change the default speed of your avatar, enable "always run" mode, and more. Please see this page for more information.

Single-user and multi-user gestures

In addition to basic locomotion, Breakroom offers users the ability to play single-user or multi-user gestures at will. Gestures can add a spark of humor and energy to in-world activities, allowing users to express themselves and experience the immersive magic of the metaverse.

Purchasing gestures

Gestures can be purchased through the Breakroom Shop. Under the Gesture tab, you'll find gestures designed to foster connection (such as waving, bowing, shaking hands, etc.), single-user and multi-user dances, interactive objects, and more.

To locate the Gesture tab and purchase gestures, follow these steps.

  1. Open the Shop window by clicking the Shop button in the bottom toolbar.

  2. Click the Gesture tab located at the top of the Shop window.

  3. Scroll through the gesture listings, or click on one of the gesture categories in the sidebar to narrow down your search.

  4. When you find a gesture you're interested in, click on the listing. You'll be be given the opportunity to see a preview of the gesture using your own avatar.

  5. If you like the gesture, you can complete your purchase using the standard checkout process.

Locating and playing gestures

To locate your purchased gestures, first open the Inventory window by clicking the Inventory button in the bottom toolbar. Then click on the Gesture category.

Gestures can be played directly from the Inventory window by following these steps.

  1. Open the Inventory window and navigate to the Gesture category, as explained above.

  2. Find the gesture you want to use, and click on it.

  3. Click the Use button.

You can also keep your favorite gestures right at your fingertips by adding them to the Hot Bar. To do so, click and drag the gesture from your Inventory window to a Hot Bar space. To play a gesture from the Hot Bar, simply click on the gesture icon.

Stopping gestures

You can stop a gesture at any time (such as the dance gesture pictured above) by clicking the Stop Gesture button located at the bottom of the screen.

Multi-user gestures

Single-user gestures affect only your avatar. Multi-user gestures can be played with other people, allowing you to high-five, hug, and dance with your Breakroom colleagues. There are several ways to invite others to join you in the fun.

Closed gesture invitations

To invite a specific individual to play a gesture with you, follow these steps.

  1. Click on the other user's avatar and then click Play Gesture in the action menu that appears.

  2. In the Inventory Window that opens, click on the gesture you want to play.

The other user will see a pop-up asking whether they want to play the gesture with you. Once they give their consent, the gesture will play. Keep in mind that many multi-user gestures will temporarily take control of your camera in order to follow the gesture.

Either user can stop the gesture at any time by clicking the Stop Gesture button.

Open gesture invitations

If you play a multi-user gesture without specifying a particular partner, glowing blue rings will surround your avatar. Other users with avatars located within this "gesture zone" will then be asked if they want to participate in the gesture with you, and any of them may accept.

You can rescind an open gesture invitation or stop the gesture at any time by clicking the Stop Gesture button.

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