Controlling your camera

Skilled camera work can turn your users from "virtual tourists" into "metaverse citizens." Learn more about Breakroom's various camera options here.


While understanding avatar movement is critical, the most powerful way to experience virtual space is undoubtedly your camera. In the metaverse, the camera represents your point-of-view perspective, and can be detached from your avatar at will. This opens up a world of possibilities in terms of exploration, art appreciation, and region customization.

Controlling your camera

Adjusting the camera angle

When you first log in, your camera will be positioned behind your avatar in third-person view. You can control your camera with the following key and mouse button combinations.


Mouse scroll wheel

The camera will zoom in and out on the current focus point.

Hold down RMB (right mouse button) and move the mouse

The camera will orbit around the current focus point if you move the mouse from side to side. It will zoom in if you move the mouse forward and back.

Hold Ctrl + RMB and move the mouse

The camera will pan and tilt around the current focus point.

Hold Shift + Ctrl + RMB and move the mouse

The camera will pan side to side or up and down while maintaining the current focus point.

Esc key

The camera will return to its third-person starting point.

Sometimes when you use the Esc key to return the camera to its default position, you'll find that you're zoomed out from your avatar. You can use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in on your avatar again.

Fly cam

Fly cam is another useful way to explore your surroundings. To enable it, hold down your right mouse button (RMB). You can then use the A and D keys to pan from side, the R and C keys to pan up and down, and the W and S keys to zoom in and out. You can also orbit items in this mode by moving your mouse.

Latch cam

Latch cam allows you to choose a specific object as your current focus point. You can then move the camera around it using the commands detailed above. To "latch" your camera onto an object, hold down the Alt key and click on the object with your right mouse button (RMB).


By activating mouselook, you can "lock" your camera to your mouse and take on a first-person perspective. This may be helpful during games, quests, or other in-world activities. There are two ways to turn mouselook on:

  • Press the M button on your keyboard. You can then use your mouse to direct your camera. Press the M button again to exit mouselook.

  • Use your scroll wheel to zoom in as tightly as you can on the scene in front of you. A dialog box will appear, asking whether you wish to enter mouselook. If you confirm your choice, you will enter mouselook at that time. Press the M button when you want to return your camera to third-person view.

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