World Stream troubleshooting

Encountering an issue with Breakroom's World Stream service? Learn how to troubleshoot common video and audio issues, as well as how to change the default device settings in Chrome.


In order to help troubleshoot audio and video connectivity issues, Breakroom provides users with a dedicated AV diagnostics panel. You can learn more about how to access this service on our general troubleshooting page, as well as how to change devices from within the World Stream platform itself.

However, some connectivity issues may require changing your browser settings. The instructions on this page are written specifically to assist users who may encounter issues while running World Stream on the Chrome browser.

Basic World Stream functionality

World Stream access is provided by AWS, which uses a variety of locations for delivery. In order for World Stream to be delivered, you will need to whitelist the following domains:








Additionally, please enable outbound UDP and TCP traffic on ports 443, 8433, and 53.

You can learn more about AWS allowed domains by visiting this page.

If you encounter problems with WebRTC, you can perform a WebRTC test at

Users attempting to connect to Breakroom from behind an aggressive firewall may run into issues, as they will have limited access to the internet. In these cases, a commercial TURN server may provide the necessary solution.

Video Services

No Devices Detected / Wrong Device

If you encounter one of the following issues while running a general AV troubleshooting test, you may need to adjust your device settings using your browser.

If the video section reads "Permission Denied," and the video device is listed as "No Device / Unauthorized," see the "No Devices" section below for instructions on how to grant access to the camera.

If the listed video device is incorrect (meaning that the device selected is missing, or wrong), you will need to change the default camera. See the section regarding changing Chrome's default devices below.

Audio Services

No Devices Detected / Wrong Device

If the audio section reads "Permission Denied," and audio device is listed as "No Device / Unauthorized," you may have accidentally blocked access to your microphone, or your System Administrator may have blocked microphone access within your browser.

To fix this problem, you may be able to manually grant permissions by following these steps.

  1. Click the camera icon located on the right-hand side of the address bar.

  2. Check the "Always allow [Breakroom] to access your camera" option.

  3. Click the Done button.

  4. Refresh your browser tab by pressing the F5 key or by clicking the browser refresh button.

If this does not fix the issue, contact your System Administrator for further assistance.

Important notes

Cross-platform voice capabilities

Voice capabilities are currently restricted by login method. This means that if one user is logged in via World Stream and another user is logged in via Breakroom's desktop app, they will not be able to hear each other over voice chat, even if they are standing in the same region.

Users who log in via the same method can communicate freely. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you take this into consideration when planning your events, and require all guests to use either World Stream or the desktop app.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and hope to provide a solution soon.

Browser auto-play

Some browsers come equipped with "auto-play policies" that automatically block websites from playing audio and video until you interact with the content. In addition to granting media permissions to World Stream, you may also need to click on the page or otherwise interact with the streaming content in order to enable audio. You will need to repeat this action if you refresh the page.

Changing the default devices

To change the default devices in Chrome, first open the Chrome settings menu by clicking the vertical ellipsis icon in the address bar. Then click on Settings.

Once the Settings page is open, use the search field to search for "Site Settings." Click on the highlighted Site Settings link that appears.

Scroll down to the section titled Permissions. Click on either the Camera or Microphone settings, depending on what you would like to change.

The Camera and Microphone settings page are largely similar. On both, you can use the device selection drop-down menu located near the top to choose your preferred input devices.

After you've selected your new default devices, refresh the World Stream page and your changes will take effect.

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