World-level user permissions

By assigning special permissions to your team members, you can take collaboration and customization to a whole new level. Learn how to appoint Administrators, Moderators, and more.


There are two categories of special user permissions that you can assign to teammates, event coordinators, or end users—world-level permissions, and region-level permissions. It is important to note that these two categories are distinct, with their own separate spheres of influence and control. On this page, we will discuss world-level user types and how you can assign advanced world-level permissions to your users.

World-level user types

Users with advanced world-level permissions have broad powers that apply to the entirety of your Breakroom world, but not necessarily powers that apply to individual regions within that world. Users with advanced world-level permissions generally have rights and powers that allow them to help you manage your world, as well as the ability to upload new content.

It may be helpful to think of advanced world-level permissions as those you can assign and manage through the Dashboard.

In brief, the current world-level user types are:

Owners are responsible for managing billing details for their account and can review their past invoices via the Dashboard.

In addition, Owners can:

Assigning advanced world-level permissions

To assign advanced world-level permissions to individual users, please follow the steps below. For more information about adding users to your world, please visit this page.

  1. Navigate to your Dashboard.

  2. Click on the Manage Users tab.

  3. To the right of each listed user, you will see a pencil icon. Click the pencil icon beside the user whose permissions you would like to edit.

3. An Edit User pop-up will appear. Click on the permissions level you would like the user to have. 4. Click on the Update button in the bottom right corner to save your changes.

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