Audience questions

Breakroom's moderator controls allow you to field questions and support requests from your users. Assign a Moderator to screen audience questions, or let users direct queries to support staff.

Audience questions overview

For users

Breakroom's reactions bar allows users to direct questions to your event management team via the moderator controls. This functionality can be used to facilitate question-and-answer sessions, keep crowds hyped and engaged, or streamline user support—the choice is yours.

Users can direct their questions to event coordinators by following these steps.

  1. Click the Question button located in the reactions bar near the top of the screen.

  2. A dialog box will appear. Enter your question in the text field, and click the Submit button.

For Moderators

When an audience question has been submitted, event managers with the proper permissions will be alerted by the appearance of an orange arrow next to the Question mark button in the moderator controls.

Clicking the Question mark button will open an active question. Questions can then reviewed and addressed individually, by any means that is appropriate. A content question may be presented to a guest speaker, while a request for help may be addressed via direct text message.

When there are no more pending questions, the above notice will be displayed.

Questions are automatically deleted after they are read. Please make a note of any important questions and/or response plans prior to closing the message pop-up.

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