The conferencing system

Breakroom prioritizes ease of use. Learn how all of the built-in conferencing system elements fit together - including voice zones, webcams, and more - and how you can tailor them to suit your needs.


Breakroom's conferencing system components are built around the user. Whether it's providing a simple teleport menu to help conference-goers rush from panel to panel, or giving employees the ability to cheer each other on, we've made the process of virtual collaboration simple and satisfying.

The conference system consists of:

  • Voice chat, including custom voice zones.

  • Webcam streaming that can accommodate multiple simultaneous users.

  • Screen sharing, and the ability to manipulate and control the screens you see.

  • Moderation tools that allow you to keep communication and traffic flowing.

  • Scheduling tools that communicate your project goals and keep your team organized.

In this section of our documentation, we'll explore all of these features in greater depth. Get to know the different parts of the conferencing system, and learn more about how you can maximize productivity through Breakroom's built-in scheduling software and top-down event controls.

Conferencing system controls

The audio-visual and conferencing components that come built into Breakroom's region templates and starter pack of room items are designed for seamless, powerful backend performance. Choose your region, customize it, and you and your users are ready to collaborate in a virtual space. It's as simple as that.

A screenshot of a Breakroom region, with assorted UI elements framing the screen.

The conference system UI components are arranged across the top of your screen. We'll take a brief look at each element in turn, and explore their functionality in more detail within this section of the Breakroom documentation.

The general navigation menu

The general navigation menu offers users quick teleport links to key areas within each region. If seats are available within that area, teleporting will also automatically assign users a seat.


Target location


Teleports your avatar to the auditorium.


Teleports your avatar to the region entrance or to a designated information booth.


Teleports your avatar to the designated lounge or networking area.


Teleports your avatar to the main "floor" of the event (e.g. vendor booths, game area).

The general navigation menu's appearance may vary between region templates. Based on the contents of a particular region, you may not see all of the teleport links pictured above. You may also see different icons for each type (e.g. a drinks glass instead of a coffee cup).

The conference control menu

The heart of the conferencing system, these five buttons allow you and your users to interact through voice chat, webcam streaming, and screen sharing.




Activates and deactivates your microphone within voice-enabled zones.


Activates and deactivates your webcam within video-enabled zones.


Activates and deactivates screen sharing within video-enabled zones.

Device Options

Launches several device management options, including troubleshooting, testing, and input and output device selection.

Screen appearance ("See in World / See on Screen")

Allows you to control where webcam streams and screen shares from other users appear on your screen.

You can learn more about voice chat and microphone settings, webcam and screen share, and device testing and troubleshooting by visiting their related support pages.

The breakout room teleport menu

The breakout room teleport menu allows users to teleport directly to a numbered breakout area. You can learn more about organizing and labeling breakout areas here.