Shop filtering and in-world currency

Control what your users see, wear, and spend in Breakroom. Here you'll find more information about filtering the Shop to meet your specific needs, as well as a discussion of Silver and Gold currency.


Just because you've chosen to open the Shop doors doesn't mean you need to relinquish control over what your users see and purchase. With Breakroom's Shop filters, you can limit your users to purchasing additional avatar components only from our pre-screened collections. You can set up or change these filters at any time through the World Customization > Features tab on your Dashboard.

Without one or more Shop filters enabled, your users will have access to everything currently for sale in the Breakroom Shop. If you enable a filter, only items within that category will be displayed in the Shop. You can limit your users to professional business attire, casual business fashions, fantasy avatar elements, or our low poly collection. Multiple filters can be activated at the same time.

Our low poly avatar collection is a great resource if your users are running Breakroom on low-performance equipment.

Filtering the Shop contents

To change the Shop filters, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to your Dashboard.

  2. Click on the World Customization tab.

  3. Click on the Features tab.

  4. Scroll down to the "Filter your shop" section. Check the box beside each collection you want to make available to your users.

  5. Click the Save Changes button.

Multiple filters can be activated at the same time. Likewise, you can disable all of the filters to make the entirety of the Breakroom Shop available to your users.

Filter category definitions


Category contents

Business Wear

Formal business attire and avatar components (e.g. hair, skins, etc.)

Semi Formal

Business casual attire and avatar components.


"Fantasy" attire and avatar components (e.g. wings, fangs, etc.)

Low Poly

Self-contained low poly avatars, with no separate attire or accessory options.

Silver and Gold currencies

As noted in our introduction to avatar customization, Breakroom offers two types of currency for use in your world: Silver and Gold.

Silver is Breakroom's in-world promotional currency, and cannot be exchanged for legal tender. Each user will receive a gift of Silver upon joining Breakroom. Additional Silver can be earned by completing quests and engaging in other activities.

Gold is a premium currency that can be purchased (and in limited cases, exchanged) for legal tender. Some of our Shop items can only be purchased with Gold. In order to make these items available to your users, you will need to give your users a Gold "allowance," or make it possible for them to purchase quantities of Gold with their own money.

You can enable or disable Breakroom's currency displays through the Dashboard. To do so, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to your Dashboard.

  2. Click on the World Customization tab.

  3. Click on the Features tab.

  4. Scroll down to the Currencies section.

    1. If you wish to disable all of the currency displays, uncheck the box labeled Currency.

    2. Alternatively, if you want to disable the Gold display alone, uncheck the box labeled Gold Purchase.

  5. Click the Save Changes button.

Disabling the currency display will not affect the current contents of your users' wallets. If your users have a Gold or Silver balance, they will still be able to use this money if you give them access to the Shop.

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