Region-level user permissions
Learn how to assign Region Administrator and Moderator permissions to your teammates, and take full advantage of Breakroom's powerful region creation and event management tools.


There are two different categories of special user permissions that you can assign to teammates, event co-managers, or end users -- world-level permissions, and region-level permissions. It is important to note that these two categories are distinct, with their own separate spheres of influence and control. On this page, we will discuss region-level user permissions and how you can assign them to your users.

Region-level permission types

Users with region-level permissions have powers that apply to individual regions within your world. These users can assist with setting up your individual regions and moderating your events, but cannot log in to your World Dashboard in order to manage users, change default regions, approve content submitted to Curator, or change your world-level settings unless you have also assigned them world-level user permissions.
In brief, the region-level permission types are:
Region Administrator: These users have access to the Edit Room function and the Region Settings panel. They can also use the stage manager system to moderate events and address questions from users.
Region Moderator: Moderators have access to the stage management tools in their region, and can mute and boot troublesome users through the Region Settings panel.
Region VIP: Designating a user as a VIP gives them no special powers, just possible perks in the form of access to additional content. This varies by region.

Assigning region-level permissions

To assign world-level permissions to your users, simply follow the steps below. For more information about adding users to your world, please visit this page.
  1. 1.
    Click on the Region Settings button located above your mini map. This will open the Region Settings menu.
2. Click on the "Members" tab, and then the "Add Members" button. This will open the user selection menu.
3. Use the search bar to search for the user's name. Once you find it, click the "Add" button.
4. Once the user is added as a Member, check the box next to their name and then click the "Set Role" drop-down menu above. From this menu, select the permissions level you'd like to assign the user.
You can learn more about using the Region Settings menu to manage region members and block users by visiting this page.
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