Desktop applications
Breakroom's desktop application is a powerful tool for accessing your world. Use it for increased stability and performance while editing your regions, or to conserve World Stream minutes.
Breakroom provides custom desktop application installers for both Windows and Mac. When users log in through your dedicated Breakroom app, there is no additional access fee above the cost of their seat -- which means that you won't need to dip into your pool of World Stream minutes. However, users will need to install Breakroom on a computer equipped with hardware that can effectively render 3D worlds.
For increased stability and performance, we usually recommend that Administrators and Developers log in through a desktop application, particularly when using the Room Editor.

Downloading the desktop application

You can find your desktop application download page by clicking the "Download App" button in the World Dashboard header, or by clicking the "Your Apps" tab located on the left-hand side.
After you finalize your Breakroom subscription purchase, it will take up to 48 hours for us to generate your custom app installers. Once they are ready, they will be added to the "Your Apps" tab. We recommend copying the download link to distribute to your users.
If you decide to update any custom branding images associated with your world (such as your app logo or install image), or if you rename your world as a whole, you will need to create and distribute a fresh desktop app installer in order to push those changes to your users. To do so, click the Recreate Installers button on the Your Apps tab.

Installing the desktop application

Breakroom's desktop viewer provides a graphical and performance increase compared to World Stream, and allows your users to access your world through a VR headset. You will need a PC or laptop that is capable of running 3D worlds. For maximum performance, we recommend using a machine with a dedicated graphics card. Please see our system requirements page for more information.
Last modified 6mo ago