Shopping for avatar components
The Breakroom Shop is full of clothes, accessories, and fun avatar details that are just waiting to be discovered. Here you'll learn more about navigating the Shop and the buying process.


If clicking Breakroom's "Shop" button makes you feel like you're peeking inside a treasure chest, we can hardly blame you. With our huge selection of clothing and accessories -- everything from business suits to fairy wings to nail polish -- your users will be spoiled for choice even if you decide to limit them to certain collections. The tables and illustrated guides below are designed to serve as a quick reference for using the Shop window.

Shop window walkthrough

Opening the Shop window

To open the Outfit window, click on the "Shop" button located in the bottom toolbar. (You can also hit Ctrl + S on your keyboard.)
World owners can disable access to the Shop window, along with other Breakroom features. Your toolbar's appearance may differ from that shown above.

Browsing the Shop categories

Along the top edge of the Shop window, you'll see several category tabs. Click these to explore the different types of content that Breakroom offers for purchase. You'll find tabs devoted to Clothing, Vehicles, Furniture, and more.
When you're browsing in a category tab, you'll see a subcategory menu appear in the top left corner of the Shop window. Use this to refine your search even further.

Searching for items

Each category tab is searchable. When searching within the Clothing category, you can specify whether you want to see items intended for male avatars, items intended for female avatars, or unisex/nonbinary items. In the picture above, the user has chosen to search for "Both," and their choice is highlighted in light gray.

Previewing items

When you find an item that you like or want to know more about (such as the trousers shown above), click on the item image in the Shop window. If the item is compatible with your current avatar, you'll be given a chance to "try on" the item in real time.
In order for the preview window to work, the preview item must be compatible with your current avatar. If you are wearing an animal avatar, for example, you will not be given the option to preview human clothing. Likewise, if you are wearing a female avatar, you may not be given the option to preview clothing or shoes designed for male avatars.
Your avatar will appear in the center of the preview window wearing the item of interest. You'll see the cost in Silver and Gold currency listed, as well as the item's review score and its creator. Scrolling down will reveal item variations, if available.
You can use the camera controls located in the bottom right corner to inspect your avatar from all angles.
Legs/feet zoom button
Camera will focus on the avatar's feet.
Body zoom button
Camera will focus on the avatar's body.
Head zoom button
Camera will focus on the avatar's head/face.
Zoom in
Camera will zoom in closer to the avatar.
Zoom out
Camera will pull back from the avatar.
Rotate left
The avatar will rotate left.
Rotate right
The avatar will rotate right.
Pan up
The camera will pan upward.
Pan down
The camera will pan downward.

Completing your purchase

Once you're satisfied with the way the item looks, you can either purchase it directly or add it to your shopping cart. If you purchase the item directly, you will be asked to confirm your purchase.
You will be given the option to wear the item immediately upon purchase, or to send the item to your inventory without wearing it.
If you prefer, you can add the item to your shopping cart instead. Once you're ready to check out, you can click the "Cart" button in the top right corner of the Shop window, or click the shopping cart icon in your top toolbar. Both will take you to the same checkout window, where you can review your shopping cart, change the type of currency you want to pay with (if applicable), and finalize your purchase.
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