Gestures and camera controls
Encourage audience participation with Breakroom's gesture, interaction, and camera tools. Learn how users can actively participate in events and keep tabs on their immediate environment.


People identify with virtual avatars when they are animated. Avatar gestures and sounds can turn even the most stoic user into a cheering, clapping, engaged conference attendee, and increase customer buy-in and satisfaction. To that end, Breakroom's conference system includes gesture, interaction, and camera control options designed to keep users on task and let them express themselves.
When users enter an auditorium, breakout space, or any area with chairs, they'll see blue icons hovering over the available seats. To sit down, all they need to do is click on a blue icon.
Once a user is seated, two menu columns will appear on the left side of their screen. These menus contain the gesture and camera control options. The interaction menu is always available at the top of the screen, as noted in our introduction to the conferencing system.


The buttons in this menu allow users to applaud, cheer, and clap to show their appreciation and support. Simply click a button, and your avatar will perform the corresponding action.
Here a user has clicked the "Stand & Cheer" option.

Camera controls

The camera control menu consists of several buttons that immediately and seamlessly move your camera to a predetermined position. You can position your camera behind your avatar, in front of your avatar (for a first-person perspective), or focus on the speaker or screen.
The Free Camera button releases your camera so that you can control it manually, using Breakroom's built-in camera controls.
If the camera control buttons become unresponsive while you're seated in a chair, press the Esc key to exit fly camera mode.

Raise hand button

The location of the "Raise Hand" button.
Clicking on the Raise Hand button animates your avatar briefly, allowing them to raise their hand. A colorful hand icon will also appear over your avatar's head, and remain there until the Rise Hand button is clicked again. This function can be used to conduct impromptu audience polls or manage audience questions.
The "Raise Hand" button pictured above is active, and thus glowing green.
Please note that the Raise Hand button is only an interactive gesture, and does not function as part of the stage manager system. For more information about collecting and managing audience questions through the stage manager system, please see our documentation about asking and addressing questions.

Emoji buttons

The location of the "Emoji" button.
Clicking on the Emoji button reveals a menu of various emojis designed to let users express their (naturally quite positive!) feelings about your event. These emojis will be displayed in a fun, brief "burst" above the avatar's head.
Here a user has chosen the "LOL" emoji. A burst of animated figures is shown above his head.
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