Voice zones and conference permissions
Understanding the relationship between voice zones and conference system permissions is critical for customizing your Breakroom workspace. Learn how voice zones can impact your workflow.


Breakroom and its associated furniture items are equipped to work with several different types of voice zones. Each zone behaves differently, giving you the ability to approach work tasks in a number of ways.
  • Audience: This is the standard setting for the global zone. The global zone encompasses your entire region. (It may help to visualize this as the general environment of your region.) Within audience zones, only voice chat will work. There is no webcam or screen share functionality.
  • Meeting: In meeting zones, webcam and screen share are enabled alongside voice chat. This is the standard setting for workshops, breakout rooms, and offices.
  • Presenter: Presenter zones restrict the use of screen and webcam sharing to only the user standing in the designated presenter position. This is the standard setting for auditoriums.
Here's a flyover shot of the Breakroom Campus region template. You can see that it consists of several lobbies, meeting rooms, and an amphitheater.
Each of the highlighted areas above is a separate voice zone within the overall global voice zone for the region.
  • The circular amphitheater is set to "Presenter" mode. Someone can give a video presentation here, and the audience members will not be able to interrupt by sharing their own video streams. In order to present, the presenter will have to sit on the special "presenter" seats (normally located at the front of the auditorium).
  • The red, yellow, blue, and green offices are set to "Meeting" mode. Everyone can share video and speak on voice chat.
  • Everywhere else falls within the global zone, which is set to "Audience" mode, or voice chat only.
Only users with avatars currently located inside a particular voice zone can hear, share, and communicate with other users in the same zone. This design makes it possible for different meetings or events to be held concurrently in each zone without technical interference or audio competition. Likewise, when you are inside an isolated voice zone (such as an office), you will no longer hear voice chat taking place in the global zone.
While video sharing is automatically disabled for audience members in Presenter zones, voice chat is not. If you want to mute the audience in a Presenter zone, a region owner or Moderator can use the "Quiet Mode" function built into the stage manager system.

Information and helpful links

Many of Breakroom's region templates come pre-equipped with breakout areas and intuitive voice zones, all designed for plug-and-play functionality. However, you always have the power to customize your regions to meet your specific project needs. The links below contain information on setting up custom voice zones and adding additional breakout spaces to your regions.
If you need to troubleshoot an issue with audio or voice chat, our pages on voice chat and spatial sound and troubleshooting audio and video are full of helpful tips.
Adding breakout areas to your region - Learn how to set up the prefab breakout areas included in your starter pack of room items, as well as how to manually edit their settings.
Creating custom audio zones - Learn how to set up a voice zone anywhere, and how to manage multiple voice zones within and across regions.
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