Testing items on the preview server
For best results, we recommend testing custom items and regions before "pushing them to live." Learn how to access your creations on Breakroom's preview server before offering them to your audience.


When developing regions, clothing, or other content for your Breakroom world (hereafter referred to as a grid), you may want to test or preview the items prior to putting them in the hands of your guests. This is where the preview server comes into play. The preview server gives grid owners that have a Developer seat (and other users with appropriate permissions) a safe place to test their items before publishing them on the live grid.
Content that has been uploaded for use in Breakroom starts off on the preview server automatically, and remains there until a Developer pushes the content to the live server using Curator's content management tools. The preview server is not linked to the live server where your guests log in, so changes can be made and content can be re-uploaded as many times as required.
Items that you have uploaded will be available in your inventory on the preview grid. If you would like to test an item another user has uploaded for review, you will need to use the Add to Inventory button available through Curator to get a copy.

How to access the preview grid

Load your Breakroom grid using either the desktop application or World Stream. Wait for either application to show you the guest login screen. In the bottom right corner of the screen, locate the Settings button.
The "Settings" button is located in the bottom right corner of the screen.
Click the Settings button, and then click the UI tab in the menu at left. In the Settings window that appears, place a check mark in the Enable Login to Preview checkbox.
The UI tab, with the "Enable Login to Preview" option enabled.
Close the Settings window, and you will see that a Login to Preview Server option has appeared beneath the login details. Check this box prior to logging in to access to the preview server.
The "Login to Preview Server" option. Check this box to log in to the preview server.
After you have granted a user Developer permissions, they will need to log in to Curator and accept the Terms and Conditions before they can access the preview grid.

Tips and important notes

    The preview grid is designed as a testing area, so that you can examine and troubleshoot items prior to making them available on your public grid.
    Furniture items placed in preview regions using the Room Editor will not be sent to the live grid when you push the region to live.
    When uploading clothing or furniture for testing, you will find these items in your inventory.
    Regions uploaded for testing can be found in the Rooms tab.
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