Advanced avatar customization
Breakroom's wide array of avatar components and accessories are designed to give you maximum control over your virtual look. Learn how to edit your base avatar, find new items, and filter the Shop.


Breakroom's advanced avatar customization options fall into two broad categories, each with its own associated tools.
  • Users can create and edit base avatars themselves, adjusting everything from their avatar's height to the length of their eyelashes. This is achieved through the Outfit window.
  • Users can purchase additional avatar components such as skins, hairstyles, and clothing, and apply these to their avatars. This is achieved through the Inventory, Outfit, and Shop windows.
World owners can influence their users' buying decisions by implementing a number of Shop filters. Owners can also restrict access to the Outfit, Inventory, and Shop windows using the World Dashboard.
Below you'll find a brief overview of these major functions. The Outfit window and Shop windows are explored in more detail in their associated documentation.

Our Commitment to Inclusivity

Breakroom is committed to hosting events where everyone feels included. Our powerful avatar customization system and online Shop are specifically tailored to offer our users the tools and avatar components they need to accurately represent themselves in virtual space. If you would like guidance on using either the Outfit window tools or the Shop contents to create a more diverse and welcoming space, please reach out to our support team. We would be happy to assist you.

The Outfit window

Users can edit their avatars by clicking on the "Outfit" button located in the bottom toolbar.
The Outfit window gives users an impressive level of control over their avatar's physical appearance and clothing. Completed outfits (including skin, hairstyle, etc.) can also be saved for future use. Once users have created a library of outfits, they can switch between them at will.
Below you'll find a quick reference chart for the Outfit window UI. For more information about editing and dressing your avatar using the Outfit window, please visit our dedicated Outfit window documentation page.
Create New Outfit
Create a new default human avatar for customization.
Current Outfit (Save/Delete/Refresh)
Store completed outfits for future use, delete unwanted outfits,
and refresh your saved outfit collection.
Appearance/Customize tab (top right)
Access appearance and customization options for your avatar.
Wardrobe tab (right)
Access your wardrobe of avatar customization items.
Wearing tab (right)
See only the items your avatar is currently wearing.
Outfit List tab (right)
Access and apply all of your saved outfits.
Camera panel (left)
Adjust your camera angle within the Outfit window.
Discard any changes made and revert your avatar to its original settings.
Save any changes you've made to your current avatar and load them in-world.

The Shop

If the Shop feature is enabled in your world, users will be able to purchase additional avatar components (such as skins, makeup, and clothing) using either Silver or Gold currency.
Silver is Breakroom's in-world currency, and has no real monetary value. New users will receive 30,000 Silver when they join. Gold is a premium currency that must be purchased separately. Users can purchase Gold with a credit card or PayPal account.
To open the Shop window, users simply need to click the "Shop" button located in the bottom toolbar. They can then search for items by entering terms in the search bar, or explore using the category tabs and side menus. Clicking on an item will open the purchase window. Once a purchase is completed, users can wear the item immediately or save it to their inventory.
More detailed information about using the Shop feature can be found here.
Not all items can be purchased with Silver. Some items only sell for Gold.

Filtering the Shop contents

Just because you've chosen to open the Shop doors doesn't mean you need to relinquish control over what your users see and purchase. Breakroom's Shop filters allow you to curate the Shop contents to meet your exact needs. You can find the Shop filter options under the "World Customization" tab on your World Dashboard.
Check the box beside one or more filters, and then click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the screen.
Without these filters enabled, your users will have access to everything currently for sale in the Breakroom Shop. If you enable a filter, only items within that category will be displayed in the Shop. You can limit your users to professional business attire, casual business fashions, fantasy avatar elements, or our low poly collection. Multiple filters can be activated at the same time. Please see our dedicated Shop filtering documentation for more details.
Our low poly avatar collection is a great resource if your users are running Breakroom on low-performance equipment.

Restricting access to advanced avatar options

By enabling or disabling access to Breakroom's advanced avatar editing tools, you can choose exactly how much creative leeway to give your users when it comes to customizing their avatars.
Under the "World Customization" tab on your World Dashboard, you'll find a section entitled "Feature Selection." This menu allows you to control which UI elements your users see. Several of these options directly impact how users may edit their avatars.
UI Feature
Impact on advanced avatar options
Removing access to the Inventory window will impact how users locate and equip any avatar components that they own. Users can still attach and edit avatar components using the Outfit window.
Removing the Outfit window will eliminate most advanced avatar, clothing, and accessory customization options for your users. If the Inventory window is enabled, users can still access and attach avatar components that they own. They can also alter their avatar's appearance through the application of purchased morphs and shapes.
Turning off access to the Shop will prevent your users from purchasing new avatar components, as long as Search is also disabled.
The Search bar can be used to search for clothing within the Shop. Removing it will force users to search for items within the Shop window itself, if they are permitted to access it.
If you want to disable any of these UI elements for your end users, uncheck the relevant boxes on the World Customization page. You can then scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Save Changes" button.
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