Your starter pack of room items
Giving you the tools you need to succeed -- that's the Breakroom way. Learn more about the item starter pack, including the video player, web browser, and image panel.
All Breakroom region owners will receive a starter pack of furniture items designed to assist with tasks such as playing instructional videos or sharing websites. You can place these items in your regions by using the Room Editor.
Each starter pack includes the following:

Opening your starter pack

Your starter pack can be found as a packaged bundle in your inventory. To find it, click on the Inventory button in your bottom toolbar.
Once your Inventory is open, click on the "Furniture" drawer. Locate the starter pack bundle, and click on it. In the drop-down menu that appears, click on "Use."
A second window will appear, containing information about the items inside the starter pack bundle. Click on the "Get" button at the bottom of this second window. This will unpack the items into your inventory.
Here the items are arranged in list view. To switch between list and grid view, click the highlighted button.
Your starter pack items are now ready to be used in the Room Editor. To learn more about each item, please see the relevant documentation in this section.
Media and branding items will automatically report user engagement to the Advanced Analytics panel. If you would like to gain access to advanced analytics, please contact our sales team for information on upgrading your subscription plan.
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