Dashboard guide

Breakroom's World Dashboard allows you to customize your world, manage your users, and access helpful analytics. Use our quick start guide to find the Dashboard documentation you need.


When it comes to managing your subscription and making high-level decisions about your virtual world, Breakroom's Dashboard is designed to make things easy. This page serves as a quick start guide to using the Dashboard, with helpful descriptions and direct links to our Gitbook documentation organized to reflect the layout of the Dashboard itself. Click on each link for more information about Breakroom's many customization options and features.

Accessing your Dashboard

To see your Dashboard, simply log in to your Breakroom account by clicking the Log In button located on the top right corner of the Breakroom homepage.

The Dashboard tabs


The Dashboard start tab contains a number of widgets that provide at-a-glance information and quick links to other areas of the Dashboard. In terms of live information, here you can access:

World Customization

The World Customization tab is where you can enter a name for your virtual world, make changes to the Shop filters and end user UI, upload branding images for both World Stream and your desktop applications, and control user access. The following links contain more information.

Default landing regions Featured regions Default avatar selection Shop filtering Feature selection Currency selection Branding - the login screen Branding - the app logo Branding - the install image Access and self-registration

Manage Users

The Manage Users tab is where you can add users to your account, assign them special administrative permissions, and monitor how your seats are being used. You can also purchase and manage Weekly Passes. The following links contain more information and detailed instructions.

Add users (manual add) Import users Export users Weekly Passes Changing user type (assigning world-level permissions)

World Stream

The World Stream tab is where you can find usage statistics for your account, impose caps on World Stream usage, and purchase additional World Stream minutes. The following links contain more information and detailed instructions.

Logging in to World Stream Purchasing World Stream minutes Managing World Stream usage limits


The Integration tab allows you to integrate Eventbrite's online ticketing services with your virtual event. For more information and instructions, please see this page.


The Billing tab allows you to see and upgrade your current subscription and support plans, review your order history and access previous invoices, and edit your payment details.

Your Apps

The Your Apps tab is where you can find links to your custom Breakroom desktop applications. You can find more information about downloading and installing your applications on this page.


This section is currently under construction. If you have any questions that aren't answered here, please contact our support team.

Support Tickets

The Support Tickets tab allows you to submit and manage ticketed requests for assistance. Please note that while you can elect to mark your ticket as low, medium, or high priority, response times may vary based on your support plan. You can learn more by reviewing the Breakroom Terms of Service.

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base tab contains quick links to relevant Gitbook articles and documentation.