Voice chat and spatial sound
Create a welcoming environment through sound, and empower your users with voice chat. Learn more about microphone controls and Breakroom's conference and media toolbars.

Microphone and voice chat

Voice chat is enabled on a zone-by-zone basis, depending on the location of your avatar. If voice chat is available in your location, the microphone button at the top of your screen will change from gray to blue to alert you.
Blue indicates that a feature is available in your area. Gray indicates that a feature is unavailable.
The text displayed on the button reflects how you are currently interacting with the region. If your microphone is disabled, the button will say "Microphone Off," and you will not be able to speak in local voice chat. To give the conference system permission to access your microphone, click the "Microphone" button.
A box will pop up asking you to confirm your choice. To turn on your microphone, click the "Enable" button.
Once activated, the Microphone button will glow green and its text will change to say "Microphone On." This indicates that your microphone is live, and that others can hear you in local chat. To mute your microphone, click the Microphone button again.
Voice chat is available in most regions and zones, so it is likely your Microphone button will almost always appear blue. You will only see a gray, deactivated Microphone button in certain situations, such as a presentation zone where Quiet Mode has been enabled.

The bottom right corner toolbar

You can also control your microphone using the toolbar located in the bottom right corner of your screen. Click the microphone icon to turn your microphone on, and you'll see a checkmark appear to indicate that your microphone is live. Click the icon again to turn your microphone off.

Spatial sound

Global zone areas have spatial voice features set up by default. This means that voice chat at a crowded virtual event will behave largely as you've come to expect in "real life" -- you'll be able to hear the people standing right next to you, and you may not be able to hear someone standing at a distance. In a virtual world like Breakroom, this can initially confuse some users.
If you're having trouble hearing someone in voice chat even though you can see their avatar, make sure that you're both standing in the same voice zone. (If someone is standing in an auditorium voice zone, for example, and someone else is standing just outside of it, they will not be able to hear each other.) If you're both in the same voice zone, move closer together.
If you're still having trouble using voice chat, please consult our troubleshooting tips. If you want to edit the spatial distance for a specific breakout area or voice zone, please consult our RoomFurniture component documentation.
Last modified 3mo ago