Teleporting users within your region
Breakroom's stage manager tools allow you to teleport users manually within your region. Learn how to send all users to a specific area, or move users one at a time.

Teleport function overview

The stage manager menu. Highlighted: the "Crowd Control" button.
Breakroom's stage manager can also assist with traffic flow by giving you the ability to teleport your users between different areas. To open the teleport menu, click the Crowd Control button (the crowd icon) in the stage manager tool.
The menu pictured above will appear in a pop-up. Here's a quick description of the UI.
Button or Menu
Auditorium button
All users will be teleported to the auditorium area.
Breakout button
All users will be teleported to the breakout room area.
Quiet On/Off button
Voice chat will be muted within all designated presentation zones.
Attendees menu
Allows you to select "Everyone," or an individual user.
Attendee search
Allows you to locate a specific attendee.
Places menu
Allows you to select a specific teleport location within the region.
Action button
Completes your teleportation command, sending everyone
(or a single, selected individual) to the teleport location of your choice.
When you expand the Places drop-down menu, you'll see a list of teleport locations within your region.
Here's an example of how the teleport menu can be used to send a specific individual to a specific place -- in this case, Lia Rothschild will be sent to the Networking area once the Teleport button is clicked.
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