Breakroom Tutorial

Breakroom's optional tutorial quest system is a fun way to introduce your users to the platform's many features (and let them earn Silver in the process!). Learn how to install the tutorial here.


The Breakroom Tutorial is still in beta, and is not available for most users.
The Breakroom Helper NPC, guiding a user through an interactive tutorial.
The Breakroom Tutorial system comes pre-equipped with eight different "quests" designed to teach users how to use Breakroom's basic features. Installing the tutorial system in your region will add a Tutorials button to the Start Here UI. Clicking this button will teleport users to the tutorial voice zone and expand the tutorial quest panel.
A message confirming the successful completion of a quest.
Completing quests will reward users in Silver currency. Silver can be used to purchase items within the Breakroom Shop. This is a great way to welcome new users, get them acquainted with the Breakroom platform, and build excitement over the ability to customize their avatars.

The tutorial quest panel

The tutorial quest panel.
Tutorial panel component
Tutorials button
Teleports the user to the tutorial voice zone.
"How to move around" button
Quest topic that teaches basic locomotion.
"Using voice chat" button
Quest topic that teaches the use of voice chat.
"Using text chat" button
Quest topic that teaches the use of text chat.
"Changing your outfit" button
Quest topic that teaches the use of the Start Here avatar menu.
"Avatar customization" button
Quest topic that teaches the use of the Outfit window.
"Interacting with people" button
Quest topic that teaches how to find and message other users.
"Webcam & screen sharing" button
Quest topic that teaches how to stream media in-world.
Leave Tutorial Area button
Teleports the user away from the tutorial voice zone.

Installing the Breakroom Tutorial

The Region Editor. The Breakroom Tutorial object is highlighted in the open Inventory window.
To install the onboarding tutorial in a region, follow these steps.
  1. 1.
    Make sure that the Start Here UI is already installed in the region.
  2. 2.
    If the Region Editor is not already open, open it by clicking the Edit Region button located at the bottom of the screen.
  3. 3.
    Click the Inventory button and locate the Breakroom Tutorial object. Click on it, then click the room floor to place the object there. The object can be located anywhere in your region.
The Breakroom Tutorial object highlighted and expanded in the Objects window.
4. The Breakroom Tutorial object consists of multiple parts, including the Breakroom Helper NPC and an associated voice zone. You can edit the linked components independently within the Region Editor, just as you would for any other voice zone.
The Breakroom Helper NPC and Onboarding Tutorial sign, both edited to user specifications.
5. After the Breakroom Helper NPC and other tutorial components have been placed wherever you would like, click the Save and Close buttons in the bottom right corner of the screen. The Tutorials button will appear on your region's Start Here UI, and you'll be ready to go.