Customizing the UI

Control the information and tools available to your users by building a custom Breakroom UI. We'll explain the impact your end users may experience, and show you how to toggle UI options on and off.


As noted on our UI orientation page, Breakroom's UI, or user interface, contains a comprehensive set of tools designed to help users navigate and participate in your world. World owners have the option to enable or disable the basic UI components at any time through the World Dashboard.

In the following sections, we will discuss how removing certain UI components may impact your end users' experience. You'll also learn how to change your Breakroom UI settings.

End user impact

The following UI components can be toggled on or off via the World Dashboard. Here's how removing them may affect your users. The location of each UI component is documented on our UI orientation page.


End User Impact if Disabled


Users will not be able to access text chat, and will be limited to using local voice zones to communicate with one another.

Hot Bar

Users will not be able to equip inventory items for quick deployment.


Users will not be able to open their People list, which normally allows them to see whether someone is logged in, locate people, and message people directly.


Users will not be able to open the Explore window, which normally allows them to

browse through your world's regions and teleport directly to them.


Users will not be able to open the Meetings window, or see the posted event schedule.


Users will not be able to open the Inventory window, which allows them to manage and use the in-world items they have collected or purchased.


Users will not be able to open the Outfit window, which means they will not be able to edit their avatars and may lose some clothing and avatar component customization options.


Users will not be able to access the Breakroom Shop in order to purchase additional items for their avatars or in-world use.


Users will not be able to open the Snapshot window in order to take pictures of their avatars or your virtual event.

Mini map

Users will not see the mini map in the upper right corner of their screens.


Users will not have access to the Quest window, where they can track their progress on any quests they've started.


Users won't be able to search for regions, users, groups, or Shop items.


Users will not see a clock displayed at the top of the screen.


Users will not see how much Gold they have or the button that allows them to purchase

additional Gold currency. They will only see how much Silver currency they have.


Users will not see their current Gold or Silver currency holdings displayed at the top of the screen.


Users will not be able to send Breakroom e-mails or read e-mails sent by other people.

Enabling or disabling UI functions

To enable or disable UI features from the World Dashboard, simply follow these steps.

  1. Click on the "World Customization" tab.

  2. Scroll down to the section titled "Feature Selection."

  3. Uncheck the boxes on any UI features that you wish to exclude.

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Save Changes" button.